17 thoughts on “The Faces of Heroes

  1. So many parrots and so may Hero’s.

    What a wonderful tribute to all who share the hard work it takes to properly attend to each bird’s needs,, the passion and compassion. You have truly captured the essence of love for all the speaking beauties who without Hero’s wold not have a voice. I am privilege to see your wonderful tribute and to be part of the avian community who serves the needs a small portion of the exotic birds worldwide that are in dire need of more Hero’s.

    I hope your video will inspire the public to be involved, adopt and donate to each and every reputable exotic birds rescue and sanctuary worldwide.

    Thank you for all your hard work and for your dedication and love.

  2. Thanks for including My wife Debbie and I, we are honored to be among so many wonderful people. What a beautiful video. Deb you always do a Great Job…

  3. OMG. This is so moving. I cried like a baby. Tears of joy for angels saved by heroes and of sorrow for all those we have lost because it was too late. I hope those who see this share it with everyone. Perhaps it will inspire someone to help these angels. Thank you Deb for including me.

  4. Very poignant reminder of why we need more voices for these amazing creatures. With the help of many Hero’s we can make a difference. Thank you Deborah for all you do.

  5. Deb what a beautiful video. I seen many faces in the video that I recognize(Nancy, Janet, Matt) just to name a few. Every single person on there is a hero in my eyes.
    To anyone who is a parrot owner, please put this video out there for the public to see. Let people know these precious angels need our help and in return the love you get from them is undescribable.

  6. Congrats to all the heroes who choose to adopt a parrot. I just brought home a 3 yr. old male Ekkie and this is his 4th home already. He screams his head off when you leave the room, is plucked over most of his body from inadequate bathing and poor diet but he is already the sweetest thing in the world to me. He adores my 7 and 8 year old boys and takes treats from your hand with the most gentle touch. These birds are priceless and deserve better than what many of them end up with. So again, Congrats to all the heroes out there!

  7. Beautiful Deborah, just beautiful. Our house is full of parrots and half of them are rehomes. We keep saying no more but another one comes along that needs a home and we can’t say no. I feel especially badly for the cockatoos as if people did their homework in the first place, they would not take these beautiful creatures and then leave them by the wayside.

  8. What many fail to understand is dogs and cats could live to 15, but large birds live twice that long. It breaks my heart when they are neglected, rejected, and tossed away. This tribute to the loving people who rescue these angels is the most moving thing I have ever watched. Thank you to all of you and to Deborah who created this tribute.

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