6 thoughts on “Avian Medicine Online

  1. Today I lost my beautiful afecan grey she was only 15years old I al thought I would died before her ,how selfish is that omg I miss so much ,how do one get over this please is some one out there to take to please

    • I am very sorry for your loss. I wish I could give you some words of comfort but I also know how very difficult it is when we loose one of our precious feathered ones. Are you on Facebook, if so maybe I can direct you to a group that can help you. Truly sharing with others who have lost their feathered ones is a comfort.

  2. We don’t have an avian vet in qatar and I have no idea how to help my African grey.

    She is 5 months old and her ursine has been chalky white cloudy for 3 days.

    He behavior has also changed but she’s trying to hide it

    Please guide me

    • I am not an avian vet so I truly cannot give you any advice. Make sure you are giving fresh water and proper food….also make sure there are no toxins in your home that might be affecting this baby. Truly no matter how far it is to the closest avian vet…I pray you get this baby to the vet asap


      • Thanks Debbie

        I have 2 African greys but only one has this problem so it can’t be toxins.

        Food wise, it’s harrisons, fresh fruit and veg, dried fruit and veg and nuts. Hardly any seeds.

        Already started on antibiotics and antifungals (random with no actual diagnosis) but still no change.

        I can’t take the bird to another country to see an avian vet and the regular vets blindly prescribe meds.

        My baby is still hanging there but not sure for how long 😦

      • Oh I am sorry, I didnt realize it was another country you would have to go to. Birds always try to hide illness as in the wild they will be left behind if the others in the flock think the bird is ill. it wouldnt hurt to use a few things that are helpful to all birds

        Holistic Bird~Healing with Herbs

        Lily of the desert Aloe Herbal Detox Formula

        Apple Cider Vinegar for Birds

        There are more articles on my site, these are just a few of the links I thought of.

        also please read Toby’s Tips

        He was a very special boy that taught me about greys needing help to absorb their calcium. I pray you can help your little angel ❤


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