Training “Tricks” by Paula Rossow

Training “tricks” that are often suggested as ways to get your parrots comfortable with unusual items: towel, scale, syringe, travel carrier. You all probably have more ideas/experiences?11541927_1514338368819582_2943650265341668220_n

In my case, I should have done *applesauce in syringe* training a long time ago; kicking myself… If you need to give your bird meds via syringe at some point, it’s much less of an ordeal if they willingly drink syringe fluids (although they will certainly realize it’s not applesauce — lol! Some meds are grape flavored, though).

Training birds to accept being wrapped in a towel is a great idea for larger parrots. Makes your life and your veterinarian’s life much easier.

*Travel carrier as fun and safe play area* is marvelous (and, again, kicking myself for not having thought of that years ago).

*Avian scale as play area* is one that I did do. Every morning, at the beginning of out-of-cage time, each bird stands on it and receives millet as reward. I note their weights about every three to five days or so.

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