Strengthening Pet Shop Laws from Born Free USA

While the current laws show obvious progress, much more needs to be done nationwide to protect animals in the retail environment. For example, in 7 states (Arizona, Arkansas, Deleware (dogs only), Florida, Missouri, Nevada, North Carolina) the protections apply only to dogs and cats — leaving parrots and other birds, rats, mice, gerbils, hamsters, guinea pigs, “exotic” animals, and cold-blooded animals out in the cold.

Eighteen states establish standards in an attempt to provide safe and adequate caging or housing to animals in retail stores. But the flip side is that 32 states do not. As a result, animals in retail stores can be crowded into cages, which may not be safely constructed. When consumers enter the stores, they may perceive that the housing used in the pet store to display that species of animal is appropriate permanent housing for the animal. And so the lack of legislation in these 32 states can have a dangerous effect on the animals by implication — consumers may walk away with the impression that unacceptable temporary housing is in fact an acceptable standard of care for that animal for the remainder of its life.

Please read the full article here Strengthening Pet Shop Laws from Born Free USA

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