Choosing Sides for the Angels

Sounds a little ridiculous now doesn’t it? Are there even different sides to choose from and if so….Why?

All too often we are asked to choose sides in the Avian Community? Is there really a need for this? Can we not Love these precious birds together and fight for them and be on their side? Should there even be sides. Now I am not referring to breeding vs rescuing. I am talking about the lines constantly drawn in the sand in the rescue world of the avian community. Why? How is this ever going to help the one thing that we are all here trying to fight for? As adults can we not see how this is only going to hurt the very thing that means the most to us? Our reason for spending hours daily online to discuss the plight, education and awareness of the Feathered ones?

There are so many amazing organizations and groups out there that are trying their very best to do what is good for the sake of the birds. It is each persons right to choose which they want to support and which they choose not to. Does this seriously have to cause a war between us though? I support several causes, but that does not mean that I am opposed to the others that I do not support. It also doesn’t mean that I am in favor of them either. It just means I have chosen what is best for me to support. This is my decision alone and nobody else is going to tell me that I have to support something in order to be their friend. And what kind of person even asks you to do this? Are they so insecure in their beliefs or cause that it has to be forced upon you? Isn’t this the stuff that Wars are made of? One leader saying that everyone must bow down and follow their ideas or be exiled or executed?

When people freely choose who they wish to follow or support, they are energized and excited to share openly about their cause, they are not puppets or merely resources doing as they are told or expected to do. Good leaders understand that they are there to inspire, cooperate and contribute as a team member, not as a dictator. And in dealing with these precious Angels if our mission or cause is not based on pure love, then the cause is completely lost altogether. How can we not practice exactly what we are so desperately trying to preach?

“Love waits patiently, shows kindness. Love is not jealous, does not brag, is not ‘puffed up’, does not behave improperly, does not seek self-interest, doesn’t get provoked, doesn’t reckon up evil, doesn’t rejoice at injustice, but rejoices at integrity.

Love copes with everything; is always committed, always hopeful, always endures to the end; love never collapses” (1 Cor 12:31 – 13:8).

Our Words can be very powerful! They also reveal what kind of heart we have. So when you are listening or reading someones words…are they about hope, love, faith and full of excitement? Our words can link people to one another and create a wonderful bridge of success together. Words should motivate, encourage and inspire. They should never be about tearing down and dividing.

For my human friends, please understand that I don’t care what cause or mission you support or stand by. All I care about is helping these precious Angels have a better future and doing it together. Am I a dreamer? Yes I am but I will never stop believing in my dreams of saving these precious Angels. You see they give me hope, for all things better. They have shown me what love and compassion are truly about. Their hearts are full of grace and forgiveness. For them, I will always believe that Love is stronger than anything else in life and it truly is the only thing that matters.

So if I must choose a side, then I am choosing “The Angels”! I am here for them and to help spread the word that they need us together! I have looked into their eyes and have not seen any animosity, only hope that we are listening. I have heard their pleas of love and trust for a better tomorrow…. and I intend to do whatever I possibly can to make that happen for them. I refuse to choose any other side but theirs!

I Have a Heart

“Hope is the thing with feathers
That perches in the soul
And sings the tune without the words
And never stops at all.”
Emily Dickinson

Deborah Feathered Angels

6 thoughts on “Choosing Sides for the Angels

    • Thank you so much for expressing this so well. I too am tired of the “meanies” and their personal agenda-all that matters is these gracious creatures and what we might learn from them

  1. I know all to many people that need to read and reread this until it sinks in and they realize how judgemental and cruel they can actually be

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