Cockatoo Aggression by Sam Foster

It appears that a trend is developing in aviculture, which I find both frightening and disheartening. As the popularity of cockatoos continues to increase, these birds are being bred in increasingly greater numbers each year, particularly the Moluccan, the Umbrella, the Goffin’s, and some of the Sulphur-crested species. At the same time, the number of mature cockatoos offered for sale daily in newspapers throughout the country is staggering.


3 thoughts on “Cockatoo Aggression by Sam Foster

  1. Deborah, I think on of the biggest contributing factors to this rising agression is the fact that more and more Parrot mills are breeding Cockatoos and none of them actually hand raise/feed their young, as a result no human imprinting/bonding because this takes time and to parrot mills time is money!! This means the bird is bird bonded first human second. Second factor is abuse and neglect. As the person who is owned by two cockatoos one a Umbrella and one goffin both 8 years+ from old school breeder and as a result they are the most loveable birds we have rescued and because they are cockatoos I will not rehome them.

  2. My 21 year old male umbrella cockatoo does not live in a cage. He is free flight in the “bird” room that we designed when we built the house. It opens to an outside . s. steel flight for warm weather. There is a old cage in the room that he plays on and I place large boxes on top of for him to shredd (we call the boxes his “house”). He lives with two greenwinged Macaws. He has broken my toe, put stitches in my husbands face, and bitten every human that has ever held him. He loves my husband and lets him do anything with him (he only bit him in the face because he wanted to get me and Sterling would not let his foot go to do it). This bird has bitten me so many times that you would not believe. The last time he almost got my jugular vein in my neck and that was it – he was actually going to kill me. He has flown straight for the face with beak open. He stalks me on the floor and tries to get the back of my ankle(which he has done more than once). I hand fed Dax for over a whole year, because he refused to wein. I use to handle him all the time. I still preen him and pet his head and try to love him – I just cannot let him on me especially my hands or shoulder. It is so trying at times. I do put him in the old cage if anyone else is in the room, for their protection. I have been so good and kind to this bird. I am 60 years old and am confident he will never find a home after I am not able to take care of him. My son has agreed to take the other birds, but refuses to deal with this character.

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