Working Together for the Love of Parrots

It is my goal to share education and ideas on the proper care of companion parrots and also to help broaden the awareness of the rising crisis of over population. I truly believe that all of us who love birds can and should work together for the sake of these magnificent creatures. We all share a common love and that is our Feathered Angels. So no matter what our opinions or thoughts are, I feel we need to work together and show each other the same kind of respect and love that we are professing for our parrots. Knowledge can only be shared if we are willing to present it in a fashion that will make others want to learn. We cannot hammer it into peoples heads, it needs to be offered with love and kindness. It is a choice for those to accept or not. However I can guarantee that it is easier to get folks to listen if you are offering it to them, and not trying to force it upon them.

My own personal journey with birds started years ago, before we had the luxury of internet at our fingertips. There were no avian vets and the only thing we had to learn from were some very biased books. I had such a love for birds and continually tried to learn everything I could possibly find. Over the years my own knowledge has grown tremendously and I learned that many of the things I once thought were perfectly safe, are not. I have changed many of my thoughts and ideas on parrot care, all due to being open minded and learning from others. There are many things that I use to do for my own parrots that I have now learned was dangerous or possibly could have even been fatal to them. As I learned more, I changed the way I cared for my birds to make their lives safer and healthier. I am still learning and I love the fact that with every new thing I learn, I can then give my precious angels a better life.

Each of us has our own opinions, thoughts and ideas on parrot care, breeding, selling etc. However we need to put some of these differences aside in order to focus on what the real issue is, and that is sharing proper education to anyone who has a companion parrot or is thinking of adding a bird to their life. We cannot possibly stop the over population crisis if we cannot share information in a way that folks will want to listen. If I walk into your home with a big stick and tell you that I am gonna hit you until you change your thinking….you are gonna call the cops and have me arrested and will have learned nothing, except that I am a lunatic lol. It is all in how we present the information we are trying to share. If we share our own knowledge along with facts and examples, then most will be willing to listen and learn and that is what creates positive change for the better. I have learned so much over the years about parrots, and it was due to having wonderful folks who took the time to present the facts in a way that I was able to understand, search and learn even more.

So in our quest to share and educate on the proper care and awareness for Parrots, lets make sure that we are doing this in a manner that will truly benefit the real cause….the parrots. Put yourself in the shoes of the one you are trying to help educate for a moment and consider how to approach them so that they will possibly want to listen and learn. If you start off with hitting them in the head with a righteous stick, trust me they aren’t going to listen to you at all and in fact, you are part of the very problem that we are trying to get past. We need to practice what we preach. We believe in loving our parrots and offering them choice, should it be any different for people? If you see something that causes you concern for the well being of someone’s parrot, then send that person a private message and offer some “friendly” advice. You get a lot further this way and by making friends instead of enemies, people are much more willing to listen to your advice. Now if you see someone who is outright maliciously abusing a bird, by all means hit them with that big stick, by reporting them and doing everything you can to legally intervene and save that parrot. Going through the proper channels for abuse is very important in making a case that will help further our chances to make changes in the laws to help protect parrots everywhere.

Their is still a lot more that needs to be learned and understood regarding parrots. None of us has all the answers, but together working on their behalf is the only hope for making a change that will help end the suffering, neglect and abuse of parrots everywhere. They are counting on us, so lets work together to make a difference for them!


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7 thoughts on “Working Together for the Love of Parrots

  1. Couldn’t have put it more eloquently myself…

    Ours it not to overpower, or to break their spirit.
    Ours is only to love, protect, and try to understand them.

  2. The parrot community is one of the most cut throat communities I’ve come across. I hope one day that can change and we can all work towards a greater good rather than wasting time, energy and money on squabbling over what are often silly details or disagreements.

  3. the birds need us to protect them, i fully agree deborah that working together we can do it. get the ego’s out of the way and do it

  4. I have a 501c3 Bird Rescue. I try to work withall the other rescues out there, but have been attacked repeatdly by one in particular. Im all about the good of the bird. I take in mostly high risk birds, ones that cant be rehomed. I cant understand how one rescue can attack another on a regular basis. He is so bad, I havent made a page for my rescue. What is wrong with people?

    • Sadly you will find those types of people everywhere. I just had a conversation with someone today that I will share here as well…..

      we wont ever get the avian community to stand as one, we start with one person…tell the stories, share the knowledge and hope and pray they do the same. One Angel at a time, it can make a difference…I promise you!

      Where do we start…we already have just by having this conversation

      Those fractures in the avian community structure are just that….broken pieces. We cannot dwell on them and their issues. Those are the type of people that will forever be creating drama and distracting from the true cause at hand. I will never believe that there is any other way than sharing education to make a difference. I also believe we can unite the positive people into one group, the others can go do their own thing. Is education going to change anything quickly…no but….it can make a difference and that is what our focus has to remain on. NOT the big picture, but the small one…one bird at a time. I have formed a group that is not allowing any drama. We dont talk about breeding in this group but we also dont criticize anyone either. We support and encourage questions. We have folks who are finally not afraid to ask a question and know that they will get kind loving answers. We have folks that do purchase, we have folks that do breed, we have folks that only adopt. It is a diverse group that is putting their differences aside for the sake of educating everyone. This is what it should be about…the birds!

      Will changes happen overnight…nope
      Will breeding ever end….most likely not
      Can we stop abuse and neglect …no

      but we can provide education to help open the eyes of those who are willing to learn. This is the very best we can do and while it may not be the whole answer, it is the best I can provide and hope for….for now

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