We are their Voice! We are their only Hope! by Deborah FA

There is a crisis growing with the ever expanding population of unwanted parrots in this nation. Breeding mills are pumping out more parrots than there are homes for them. It is estimated that there are between 40 and 50 million parrots in the U.S. today and this number is increasing by 2 to 5 million per year. The rescues and sanctuary’s are all full and over full. So where do the ones go when the owner no longer wants them, and there is no place to take them? This makes me ill to think of what is happening to those poor Feathered Angels.

Educate yourself on proper care of Parrots

There is hope though, and we are it! Each of us can help to make a difference!  Stand up and do something, instead of waiting for someone else to do it. It isn’t difficult and many things can be done right from your very home. Education is Key to knowledge and knowledge is power! Know the fact of the crisis of growing numbers of unwanted parrots

by Karen Windsor

Be our Voice by Irena Schulz  

Behavioral Problems in Companion parrots by Greg Glendell  

The Parrot Problem by Mira Tweti 

Educate yourself on proper parrot care and then share that information with everyone you possibly can. Living and caring for parrots properly is not an easy task. So the first step in making a difference is in educating yourself, then you can share with others.

I highly encourage everyone to read The Writings of Susan Friedman, Ph.D.

Keeping Parrots as Pets from the Avian Welfare Coalition

Signs of Disease and Illness by Holly Nash, DVM, MS  

Greening of the Parrot Diet by Carolyn Swicegood  

Volunteer and  Donate to your local Avian Rescues

Not everyone has a lot of extra time or money, but truly every little bit can help and make a difference. Rescues are happy to have any help. A few dollars or just some time once a week to help clean cages or interact with the birds. It doesn’t take a lot to make a difference. The Rescues love volunteers and so do the parrots. Make them toys, donate items to make the toys. Donate foods, rescues go through tons of food everyday and they need all the help they can get. Ask you local shelter what kind of supplies they are in need of, it may be something not listed here. No matter what form of help you can offer, I promise your experience there will change your heart forever!

Need help finding a local shelter, you can always contact
Animal Help at Best Friends
Pets 911 either place will be happy to direct you to a local avian rescue.

Get involved with your local Government

Animal abuse and cruelty is not considered a felony in all states…yet. Write letters to your legislators, it doesn’t take very long and it will let your government know that this is a serious issue and something needs to be done about it. Be polite and include the facts in your letters.

Here are some tips on how to write these letters from Pet- Abuse.com

Pet- Abuse.com

Not sure who to write to? Here is a link that will direct you to the lawmakers in your area.

Find Your Lawmaker at Born Free U.S.A.

Be Creative

Each and every person possesses skills and strengths that they can use. All it takes is a little applied thinking and some creativity with how you can use the skills you already have to make a difference. Combine that with some passion, and you can do wonders. Here are some things you can do to not only promote Parrot awareness but also help raise some funds to donate to your local shelters.

How to Do a Raffle
By KIM KLEIN at Best Friends.org

Have a Yard Sale by Best Friends. org

Volunteer to do Parrot education and awareness programs at local schools – teaching children the truth about parrots now, will be key to solving the overpopulation in the future.

This is the age of the internet and the world is at our fingertips. Post up information on any venue you possibly can.

In your own community you can pass out flyers that tell the truth about parrots. Not sure what to write, no problem…here is a link with a page full of flyers you can print and pass out.

Download Flyers & Fact Sheets at Avian Welfare Coalition

Do not support Pet Stores that sell live animals

Another simple thing we can each do, is to not support pet stores that sell live animals. There is no need to purchase products for your parrots in this type of pet store. You can shop online or only purchase from pet supply stores. Don’t put a single dollar in the pockets of stores that sell animals of any kind! These animals more than likely come from breeding mills. Politely share your bird care knowledge with pet store staff and management. Sometimes proper care is just a matter of proper education. Write factual letters of complaint to the pet store’s management and/or corporate headquarters. Threaten to boycott the store until they clean up their act. Encourage your friends to do the same.

Report any abuse or substandard conditions to your local animal shelter, humane society, bird adoption/rescue group, law enforcement agency, and/or national animal welfare organization. Here is a link for a check sheet to help you evaluate caregivers and pet shops.


This is a list of the Do’s and Don’t when talking to pet store owners by Best Friends.org

Every one of us has a unique set of qualifications, ambitions, ideas, creativeness, contacts, and resources. Every person makes a difference! Share your love and knowledge about parrots, speak up and let others know about the ever growing parrot population issues. Tell people about the horrors of breeding mills.  Everybody can make a difference once they take action! You might be truly surprised how many lives you can touch, by simply taking that first step. If you can make a difference for one parrot, isn’t that worth it? So the next time someone tells you how much they love your parrot and would like to have one….sit them down and tell them the truth about what life with a parrot truly means. We can’t wait for someone else to do this, we must take a stand and do something ourselves.

Renowned anthropologist Margaret Mead once said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

We are their Voice! We are their only Hope!


Copyright © 2011 Deborah FeatheredAngels
All rights reserved
(My articles are free to repost, just do so in their entirety)

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