Parrot Toxins and Poisons

A General List of Household PoisonsThis list is not all inclusive but this should give everyone a basic idea, almost everything that has a fume or scent is most likely toxic or even fatal to your birds.

Air Fresheners, Acetone, Ammonia, Antifreeze, Ant syrup or paste, Arsenic, Bathroom bowl cleaner, Bleach, Boric acid, Camphophenique, Candles, Carbon tetrachloride, Charcoal lighter, Clinitest tablets, Copper and brass cleaners, Corn and wart remover, Crayons, Deodorants, Detergents, Disinfectants, Drain cleaners, Epoxy glue, Fabric softeners, Garbage toxins, Garden sprays, Gasoline, Gun cleaner, Gunpowder, Hair dyes, Herbicides, Hexachlorophene (in some soaps), Indelible markers, Insecticides, Iodine Kerosene, Lighter fluid, Linoleum (contains lead salts), Matches, Model glue, Mothballs, Muriatic acid, Mushrooms (some varieties, Nail Polish, Nail polish remove, Oven cleaner, Paint, Paint remover, Paint thinner, Perfume, Permanent wave solutions, Pesticides, Photographic solutions, Pine oil Plants, Prescription and non-prescription drugs, Red squill, Rodenticides, Rubbing alcohol, Shaving lotion, Silver polish, Snail bait, Spot remover, Spray starch, Strychnine, Sulphuric acid, Suntan lotion, Super glue, Turpentine, Weed killers, Window cleaners.

2 thoughts on “Parrot Toxins and Poisons

  1. ive a green neck parrot called (( cody )) he fell off his perch twice this week and i found him dead this morning ive not done any thing differant i did clean him out and polished the table his cage sits on before i put him back . any ideas please

    • I am so sorry for your loss ❤ Most cleaning products are toxic to birds. There could have been something in that or it
      could have been something entirely different. I encourage anyone reading this, if you notice your bird is falling off of
      their perch, please get them to a vet asap. Birds hide illness very well and so he could have been ill for awhile and it
      just wasn't noticeable


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