It is Not A lesson Learned…by Bob Kaegi

For those who have read posts and seen the crap being shoveled by those who profess to be “Bird Whispers”, and save them from the heathenistic hand’s who only wanted the dollar signs they saw. I have seen the post where All were impressed in how she handled the most “Aggressive” birds, and how these birds just melted into the arms of those they were so glad to see… In fact there was a comment that there was a “Teaching Moment” by one. Question??? Has anyone met Tim???? Yep he’s a killer… And those dangerous Macaws, the most of which I, and some others have handled.

I have seen a post by what seemed like no less the second coming. “One”, who would move heaven and earth to save this tiny frail one, (in other words show up with a lawyer on Monday to get a bird and wisk it away for a life saving beak prosthetic) While asking his flock to give, so the mission of mercy could be accomplished. But please do not give if it will be a hardship, and we can’t keep it, if our mission were to fall short. Meanwhile she is eating just fine, on her own, and has been gaining weight. Sounds like another fraudulent TV evangelist on Sunday morning television. (Give me your weak you’re sick and you’re wallet).

We have all been a witness to the lies, and cons of these groups. The continuing parade of Poster Birds from month to month. For several months we have had to hear how they were the poor and down trodden on by those who were “Just Jealous”. They were the merciful, who gave refuge to those no one else had wanted, and created a hospice of caring for others. (Hint: even hospice has medical treatment.) They also chimed the now famous “Where were you when we needed help” Fact is these birds did not receive any medical care, healthy or not. We did not tell you to take in more than you could care for. We were not at fault, YOU WERE!!!!!!

These are some that carry a banner of peace one moment, and then slash at the throats of those who are caring for those they ignored. Some of those who really helped were intimidated, and threatened. This is the environment they dealt with. These good-hearted people left their homes, their families, and flocks, Some drove many miles to do what you didn’t, and still had to deal with your lies, and bantering, when it fact, they not only knew the truth, but Lived IT!!!!!!!

You lied about the conditions they were housed in; you lied about the care they received. I have had to endure the crap, and keep my mouth shut when these birds came in to the shelter to see and hear almost “Every Bird” dealing with Respiratory issues being brought on by their former surroundings. Every bird having had their nares caked with dust, and dirt. Explain to me Bird Whisperer where that came from? Was that the magic pixie dust? I wasn’t the only one who lived through that day and witnessed this, there were many. It took days for the ammonia smell from their bodies to finally go away.

All of those who were at the shelter gave care; love and time know the “Real Truth”. not an imaginary truth that changes every time that circumstances change. You’ve played dumb, when understanding you needed to raise $35.000 dollars not $3500 dollars. It is and was always something with this group. Another excuse. They blame everyone else for their poor misfortunes, it was the landlord, GDHS, HSUS, The shelter workers, the Humane Agent, and even clubs and groups in other surrounding areas. Oh, and lest I not forget the infamous lady from South Carolina who single-handedly shut down the all-powerful Wings over the Rainbow. Is there anyone I have missed?????

Stand up take some responsibility. Actually, and humbly say Thank You to those who did your job, can you do that? No, you have to sneak around, and hide birds, setup a network of another underground for your dubious reconstruction of Wings Rising…….. Go ahead we will be watching, you cannot hide, and if you make the same mistakes, we will call you out, we will not relent, for we are bigger, we are louder, we are more connected than ever before.

Bob Kaegi

2 thoughts on “It is Not A lesson Learned…by Bob Kaegi

  1. Kathleen or whom ever you are:

    Thank you for responding. Yes I am crazy, plain and simple. I become that way when those who pose as rescuers and preach a good game only preach and don’t follow what they themselves preach.These people have done nothing but again given the word “Rescue” a bad name. What makes me even crazier is those same individuals want to do this all over again. This time with the director that has been charged with animal neglect and cruelty.

    Considering Ms. Flannery, from Kettering Ohio we are almost at the anniversary of the WOTR Raid I guess you are just getting around to posting. However I appreciate you taking the time. If there is anymore I can do for you please let me know….

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