Paul’s Custom Made Parrot Stands and Swings

Paul makes some amazing swings and stands. He donates a great deal of items to rescues but he is now finally selling them to the public as well. I have had one of these swings for a couple of years now and I cannot say enough about how wonderful it is. First of all I have an exuberant Cockatoo who loves this swing and spends hours on it daily and it is still in one piece! It is large enough for my Macaw with room to spare. I highly recommend these swings, especially for those of you how have aggressive chewers. It is one tough swing, yet your birds will LOVE it!



Here are some more of the swings he creates

He also makes Table Top Stands



Floor Stands


In this picture is a floor model stand, large base with 100% Grape vine includes bowl holders and eyelets for toy hanging, Some of the grape vine that this is built out of is anywhere from 60 to 90 years old!

Need something custom sized? Paul can build any type of Swing or play stand to fit your birds needs? Simply by sending a drawing with your specs… he will build it any way you like.

You can contact Paul via Facebook Paul’s Custom Made Parrot Stands and Swings

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