Bird Shelter Operations – Part 6 – What Is Needed

From The Squawking Macaw by Bob Kaegi

Building Must Haves:

Facility large enough to safely house and secure all birds.
Electric, Ventilation, Air Conditioning or Large Fans for air flow, Heat, Running Water, Bay or Overhead Doors.
Rooms for Vet Care and Exam areas.
Room to set up several temporary Triage Areas for emergency Intake at time of Disaster or Seizure Operations. Areas should be separate rooms for each exam area. Areas can be cyclone fence areas with fencing covered by tarp material to minimize cross contamination from exam areas to exam areas.
Quarantine Areas, or Hot Rooms for Isolation of Ill birds.
Operations Office Areas.
Stationary Tub(s) for cleaning of equipment
Showers and Locker rooms are helpful.
Kitchen and or Food Prep area w/ refrigerator, freezer, and food storage. (This must be a separate area away from any birds or bird areas).
Visiting Area’s for Animal Owners if Disaster Operations.

Animal Supplies:

Animal Carriers.
Proper Sized Cages and Crates for housing. Tables for use of holding crates and cages at proper height.
Perches, Food and Water Bowls, Newspaper.
Tables for Crates to be placed on for easy cleaning around and under tables.
Large, Medium, Small Hook bill Food, Finch, and Dove Food. Pellet is preferred.
Fresh Fruits and Veggies for daily feeding.
Nuts and other treats.
Toys if available, or can be gathered later.
Bird Stands for daily exercise or out of cage time handling. After initial seizure.
Newspaper for Cages
Cage Tags and Marking System
Cordless Dremel Tool for Toenail, and Beak Trims

Office Items:

Laptop Computer, Printer, Internet Access.
Printer Paper
Name Tags
Clip Boards
File Folders
Colored Tapes Vinyl Electrical tape
Computer Label Maker
Permanent Markers
White Boards and Markers
Rolling Filing System.
Legal Pads
Folding Tables
Folding Chairs
Note Books

Cleaning Supplies:

Rolling Garbage Cans and Garbage Bags
Spray Bottles
Shop Vac Cleaners
Bleach, Vinegar, Hand Sanitizers, Antibiotic Dish Soap
Dumpster Delivery, and Pick-up,
Push Brooms, Mops, Mop Buckets, Utility Buckets
High Pressure Washer
Paper Towels

Medical Supplies:

Human and Avian Medical Supplies.
Shoe Covers
Vinyl or latex gloves
Tyvek Gowns for Hot Rooms,
Hair Covers

Tools and Misc. Equipment:

Assorted Screwdrivers
Assorted Pliers
Assorted Wrenches
Wire Ties

Operational Procedures

Set Chain of Command (Should Be Posted where all can see)

Leaders in Command structure should be based on type of Operation, and Training.

If the Operation is a Seizure. The command structure is as Follows:
Investigating Humane Agent
Lead Veterinarian
Shelter Manager. The Shelter Manager should have a minimum of 5 years Experience with Birds and have ICS 100, ICS 200, and NIMS 700 certification, or have Co-Shelter Managers that have either.

During Intake Operations there will be as many teams as permitted.
Each team will consist of the following:
1 Veterinarian, 1 Vet Tech, or Assistant, 1 Photographer, 1 Scribe.
Veterinarian will treat Bird with the Technician or Assistant.
Photographer will Photograph each bird along with its intake ID Number
Scribe will take notes as described by Veterinarian for each case.

Runners will shuttle Birds to either areas such as Housing Unit, Quarantine, or Hot Areas for more serious illnesses.

Housing Unit Care givers will feed and water birds and observe birds in a given area.

If the Operation is a Disaster all the above procedures will remain the same with the exception of Investigating Humane Agent. The lead will be the Shelter Operations Manager.


Volunteers will be used as often as they can be, and in areas where they are best suited. Only after they have been vetted in to the system.
All Volunteers will sign in and out on days they are scheduled.
Volunteers will be assigned an area, and will only work in the assigned area. If they are in an area they are not supposed to be they will be removed, and will not be allowed to return. This is to ensure the integrity of any court case remains in place.

Confidentiality and Social Media Agreement to be signed by Everyone volunteering. Anyone breaking this rule may be terminated, and may be charged with a crime.

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