Estate Planning

It is very important that we provide for the care of our parrots should we become disabled or pass. Often there are no plans and sadly parrots are tossed around due to this. Please take time to make the needed plans so that your parrot will be placed in a loving home or sanctuary.

Estate Planning Tools for Owners of Companion or Service Animals and Pets

Estate Planning for the Pet Owners

Caring for your Pets in your Estate Plan

Providing for our birds….once we are no longer able to by Deborah FA

4 thoughts on “Estate Planning

    • You can write it down however you like. You dont need an attorney to draw this up as long as you and the other person are aware and agree. It is also good to make sure that others in your family understand and accept your decisions, so that when the time comes they will make sure that the person chosen will be notified.

  1. I am very interested in making plans for my parrot and dog if something happens to me. I would like some disability information please.
    Thank you.
    Karen Crockan

    • I would suggest you visit your local rescues and sanctuaries so you can see each place personally and then gather the information that each one has on placing your beloved ones with them when the time comes. You need to be specific when asking questions of their future care, seeing their vetting records, knowing what they feed and seeing the entire facility and how they interact with all of the loved ones there. Anyone can make a place sound lovely, but you need to see and visit in person to truly know how things are run. There is usually a fee involved when setting up a permanent placement. Dollars meant to care for your loved one for the remainder of their lives. I would also seek references from others who have dealt with each facility.

      I wish you well as this is not an easy task but one that is so important for those we are loving and leaving behind. Have several options and make sure there are several humans that are aware of your decisions and able to carry out things when you are gone. Much love to you for taking such good care of your babies ❤

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