Feathered Angel Videos

Some of the videos have scenes and pictures that might be hard to view, however I feel that it is important for us to not only watch them, but then to try and help make a difference to end their suffering.

We are their only Voice! We are their only Hope!

If you know of a video that you feel should be seen in order to further education on parrots, please send it to me via my email.


Sincerely, Deborah

“Be our Voice” by Irena Schulz

A Promise to Chiquita

Atomic Plumage by Best Friends Videos


Dogs or Birds, Who is louder from Best Friends Parrot Garden

Feathered Angels

Feathered Angels Selfie

Feathered Happiness

Forever Loved

Happy Halloween Feathered Angel Style

Hatched in the U.S.A.?

Holiday Videos

How would you feel in a cage?

I can sing a Rainbow

Jealous of the Angels by Jenn Bostic

Just a Bird

Killing Parrots Softly

Listen with your Heart

Live Backyard GALAH Cam

Love Me for Who I AM

Merry Christmas from Feathered Angels

Polo Cockatoo

Project Perry

Project Perry – The Central Virginia Parrot Sanctuary > Parrot Issues > Bird Mills

Soft Landings Myth on Parrot Bonding

Thats What Friends are For

The Choice is Ours

Toby Never Forgotten


Remember When?

Saving the Troy Parrots by Dennis Bohn

So you want to own a Parrot?

Temporary Home

The Dash Movie | Walk The Talk

The Faces of Heroes

The Forest Primeval – The Rainbow Bridge for Parrots

This is the way ALL birds should be living….free as God intended!

Video from Garuda Aviary

We are All One


You’ll Be In My Heart-Phil Collins (Animal Rescue)

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