Give them as much nature as possible

This beautiful Angel is Casey and he belongs to my dear friends Bob Kaegi and Deb Kaegi. The pic is perfect for this article ❤


469727_412953472065236_2059648941_oThe other day we had a beautifully warm summer feeling day. All the windows open, it was lovely. In the afternoon a soft shower began and as I soaked in the wonderful smells of the wet earth it reminded me. I use to take the birds out for summer showers. It is so important for us to give our feathered babies as much nature as possible. It was amazing watching them as the clouds roll in and a little thunder sometimes. Their wings rise up as they anticipate the rain that is about to fall. You can just feel their joy! I always stayed out with them, they were either in cages or on a harness. While I haven’t been able to do this in a long time, I am going to try and start doing it again. We have a ramp that was built so I could take the birds out by myself but I can no longer manage moving it so I will find another way. I hope you all try this, it is so wonderful for our birds to have as much nature as possible. Just make sure they are harnessed or caged for their safety always 🙂

Another thing I love to do is cut branches and vines and string them around their play areas. This truly gives them a better feeling of being outdoors and they forage and play. This is very important for birds in captivity. In the wilds food is not served in a bowl, so having to search and find food is wonderful stimulation for them mentally and physically. You can tie up lil bundles of treats on the branches or even hang items for them to find.

Pine cones are another great source of entertainment for them and you can hide bits of food inside. Make sure to bake your pine cones before giving to your bird to kill off any bugs etc that might still be on them. Just 200° for about 15 mins. Make sure they are from a tree that has not been treated with any pesticides or chemicals.