No Stress or Drama Allowed!

no stress or drama

When we deal with chronic illness, we of course have to protect ourselves as much as possible from many things that can put our bodies in further jeopardy. This would normally mean germs or events that could cause further pain etc. However there are two dangers that can compromise us quickly and they are “Stress and Drama”. I have learned this the hard way but hopefully I can help others to protect themselves.

I have always been horrible at delegating and then truly allowing others to do what I have asked of them. I have finally learned that I can let others do things for me. I have always been one to try and be the peacekeeper and help with all issues which can draw me into others unnecessary drama.  Even with all my illnesses, I have finally had to start letting go and not allowing myself to carry around the added baggage of others “Stress and Drama”. The damage that this can do to a person living with chronic illness, is overwhelming. It drains our bodies and souls faster than most anything else. It is critical for us to keep our minds, hearts and souls full of as much joy and happiness as possible. We already deal with daily pain that others cannot even begin to understand, each item we add to our daily list further pulls us into very dark places and makes it harder to heal or even just maintain. We have to learn to smile and just say no.
I also believe in having a quiet place that is just for you and you alone. Where you can go and be happy with your surroundings. A place to feel peace and love. A room with special things that give you joy. My bedroom is my special haven. The colors and furnishings make me feel cozy and comfortable. It is a place where I can rest and let go of any stress or drama from the day. I go in there several times a day just to rejuvenate my mind, soul and body. We have to put a protective bubble around ourselves and try to keep out all the unnecessary emotions that will only harm us.

Learn to love yourself enough to let go. Find something to smile about everyday.  I do not mean you wont have those tearful painful moments, but try your hardest to start fresh each day ❤


4 thoughts on “No Stress or Drama Allowed!

  1. It’s a wonderful thought that you share… with a special place to go to.. a room to visit for a few moments or more as sanctuary filled with beautiful and friendly love all around.

    I have had one such as you described.. but the sadness that it now generates for me since my parrots have died leaves me alone in that room with only sadness.

    I have to get by this .. I try..

    Dealing with chronic illness is a lifelong struggle that i am fortunate not to have… but old age arthritis is a constant reminder most days.. ..
    But dealing with the loss my of beloved birds over these past few years leaves me wondering if I will ever go back to my favorite room again.

    • One day my darling friend you will share an even better place with your beloved birds (((HUGS))) Loosing our precious feathered ones is harder than anything I have dealt with health wise ❤

    • Hi Deborah — I am in the same situation as you are. i unfriended some people on FB but then i had to simply get off Facebook and tried twitter — i stopped using it and finally i disabled that one too. Some friends i used to have i have had to stop
      due to the drama and stress that has been created. so I finally discovered that i am much better off with just my aide coming in and of course my bird Eliot. I get stressed still at times when things go wrong and i have to call comcast or any other service that has a dumb robot. I do my best not to call these company’s. And I have been much happier. i talk to my friends through text or email, have my home health aide 3 days a week and my groomer every other month to do eliots toenails.
      i do use this to talk to you and also i do disqus but that is about it. please note new/old password thanks Deborah – happy Thanksgiving
      take care my friend you are not alone

      • It is important for all of us to stay away from as much stress and drama as possible….both are very harmful to our health.
        Have a wonderful Christmas my darling friend ❤

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