Chop Mix step by step video by Patricia Sund

Chop. Shot By Shot by Patricia Sund

A healthy diet is key to your birds longevity! All of my flock loves this chop recipe! It is a fantastic way to make sure they are getting a well balanced diet!!!



Patricia Sund is a Columnist for “Bird Talk” Magazine and has a popular Blog called “Parrot Nation,” where she writes about life, birds, and her adventures in the world of Aviculture, including volunteering as a Keeper at the Cincinnati Zoo. She has written for Phoenix Landing’s “Phoenix Beakin’”, “The Alamo Exhibition Bird Club,” the AFA “Watch Bird,”as well as for the Rocky Mountain Society of Aviculture. She has written internally for American Airlines as well as having written, directed and produced a play called: “Loves People-Loves to Travel.”

Patricia has completed Dr. Susan Friedman’s online course: “LLP: Living & Learning with Parrots,” and both Beginning and Advanced Levels of the “Natural Encounters” Companion Parrot Training Seminars.

Patricia Lives in Hollywood, Florida with her two Hoodlum African Grey Parrots, Parker and Pepper and her parrot-poop dodging, rescued ShihTzu: Mattie.

When asked why she has parrots in her life, she always responds the same way: “I’ve been a Flight Attendant for almost 23 years; I guess I’m used to serving food, repeating myself, cleaning up crap and getting hollered at.”

4 thoughts on “Chop Mix step by step video by Patricia Sund

  1. I’m sorry, I am not good with computers, but I can’t find the recipe for chop. A list of ingred. and how to make it. 😦

    • There is a link at the very top of this article that will take you directly to Patricia Sunds site and there she has a list of ingredients and a video on her making the Chop. Hope this helps 🙂 Deborah

  2. I just watched your interesting video on making chop and I need to make one small correction in your ingredients. That which you called TURNIPS are actually PARSNIPS! I recommend you try these relatives of the carrot yourself as they’re VERY sweet and nutritious. Turnips are bulbous root vegetables that only share the light coloration of the parnsip. They have a very different flavor which, though also good, can’t compare with the sweetness of the parsnip.

  3. I love your recipe for biscotti. My Quaker parrot absolutely loves it. I make chop all the time, but only a few at a time because i’m Feeding one bird. All his food is homemade. I even make his nutiverroes. You can find so many recipes on line. Also make cranberry orange squares. I’m wondering if my Quaker can have the biscotti daily? Thanks very much. Jan a Quaker Parrot lover and mom.

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