Who’s on First?

I have to giggle every time I see some sort of conflict going on in the Avian community over who did what first.  It always reminds me of Abbott and Costello classic baseball sketch.

In all seriousness though,   does it really matter?  Is it truly important WHO was first at discovering a new way to help our precious feathered ones?  Aren’t we all suppose to be here to help the birds? I want to be the first here to make a confession that I DISCOVERED NOTHING!  You heard it here first folks, and all true lol…everything I have learned has been from others. Some things I have modified to suit my own birds, some things I have discarded using, others I have continued on using for years. I also want everyone to keep in mind that no matter what you are doing, if you are having success…..then GRATZ to you!!!! I never stop looking for ways to help, learn and make not only my own birds lives better…but also those of others. To help change or make a difference for captive birds everywhere. Is there only one way to do things, only one person who knows it all??? Absolutely not! Just like ourselves, each bird is an individual and while some things are generally good for all, and some things that are dangerous or deadly to all… that doesn’t mean that every bird is going to react exactly the same to one food, one toy, one training method, one person etc….We have to try to look at our birds as individuals and try everything possible to do what is best for them. There is a wealth of information available to learn from, and many folks to thank for all the time and effort they have put into sharing it with all of us.  I could not possibly thank only one person for all that I have learned, because I have learned from everyone. Every article I have read, every person that I have had a conversation with, every forum that I have been a member of.  I learned something from every one of my sources and I am so very thankful that they were willing to share the information that they had.

I have also seen a change lately in the Avian Community with folks stepping up to help make a difference for birds everywhere. These are amazing people who are running auctions or participating on a monthly basis to generate dollars for birds in Rescues, in need of Medical Care or transportation out of bad situations. I see more and more people who are willing to step out of their comfort zones and getting involved where there are birds being abused and neglected. I see compassion and love growing, even in these very troubling financial times for all of us. I see people reaching deep into their pockets to help make a difference for a precious little soul they haven’t even met. I see people from all across the world, joining forces and standing up for what is RIGHT!  And this is exactly the way it should be. Not only in doing for our Feathered ones, but towards one another as well. Birds happen to be my passion and what I work daily on helping and trying to make a small tiny difference.  Auctions and Events like these are hardly a new concept, and I am very aware that many groups have been doing this for years and years. I am just so pleased though to see all the new groups who have stepped forward and are putting in their time and effort to join in on this. It doesn’t have to be about birds, it has to be about whatever your heart motivates and calls you to do! Stepping up to make a difference is what it is all about!

There are some amazing people in our Avian world that spent years studying and trying to help captive birds. Who have shared and given us all the tools we need to help our own feathered ones live better lives. The list would be huge for me to name each person that I have respect for.  Then there are others who stepped up and helped to further share this knowledge, so that even more people and birds lives would be reached. There are those who spend tireless hours sharing information on their websites and blogs and all because they love these precious little feathered ones. I myself have shared as much information as I can find, and will continue to do so for birds everywhere. I am careful to give credit on every single article that I post. It doesn’t matter to me where the information comes from, if I see it as a way to help others then I am going to share it.  If my own articles are reposted and my name is left out…oh well lol. As long as the information is shared, then I am happy. If one person learns to care for their bird better because of something I wrote or shared…then that was my whole intent and purpose.

Bottom line for all of us in the Avian Community is that we are supposed to be here for the birds.  So the next time you hear a conflict going on about “Who” was first…. I hope you giggle and think about Abbott and Costello also 😛   Isn’t imitation the sincerest form of flattery?


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