DIY PVC Spherical Swing from A Bird’s Best Life

Laura Ford was kind enough to allow me to share her Spherical Swing plans with all of you!
You can view her original post at A Bird’s Best Life

This swing was made by my friend Ursie Lucas for her boy Oliver 🙂

Ursie Lucas Orbit

I just had to share this because it is so easy to make and gives our birds some wonderful enrichment and exercise!!!

Items needed

  • Roll of ribbed PVC electrical conduit (½” or ¾”) (Carlon Flex-Plus Blue Electrical Nonmetallic Tubing)
  • 6 PVC crosses, size to match conduit
  • Stainless screw eye(s) 1 for hanging, optional additional screw eyes for hanging toys.
  • Your choice of hanging material, such as plastic chain.
  • Drill
  • Measuring Tape
  • PVC cutter

 1. Cut PVC into 12 equal length pieces, 12 ½” for ½” tubing, 16 ½” for ¾” tubing

 2.Drill a pilot hole in the center of one of the crosses. A pilot hole is a hole that is smaller than the screw which you will be screwing into it.

 3.Screw in eye screw for hanging. If using additional eye screws for hanging toys, do those now too.

 4.Push (hard) the ends of two sections of PVC into two opposite sides of first cross. You will notice that the PVC does not go all the way into the center of the cross.

 5.Add crosses to the other ends of these two first sections of PVC, then two more sections of PVC to those crosses, then add the fourth cross to form a complete circle. Form a semi circles with a cross and two PVC sections, make two.

 6.Add one semi circle to the circle.

 7.Add the second semi circle to the opposite side of the circle to form two interlocking circles.

 8.Insert remaining PVC sections into crosses. Hang and add toys as desired.

You can find more great toy making ideas at  The Parrot Workshop on Facebook

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