Special Display by Della Lewis

This poem was written by Della Lewis many years ago.  Robin Lawson (Della’s granddaughter) has altered it a bit for all of our birds we have lost in the last several months.

~Special Display~

An angel was arranging the Lords upper room, in the window of heaven where pretty birds fly. The angel said “Lord please take heed, in this vacant spot another bird we need”. The Lord looked over and said “Right away, go down to earth and get a new bird for my display”. So the angel was off with wings to fly looking for new birds passing many colors by. He passed white ones and blue ones that gleamed and shined, but for some reason they were not the right kind. Then suddenly there stood a bird so pretty and fair “This is the one” said the angel “The Lord needs up there”, so he snatched it quickly this bird to gain for he didn’t want it to feel any pain. Away they went back to the master’s land the angel and the bird flying wing and hand. Here’s your bird Lord the angel was a sighing he said “I left a human down there crying. I hope she knows Master that you love her fid for she was heartbroken so lonely and sad”. The Lord turned around and said “I have a power I’ll send new strength to this dear broken human. My spirit shall call her if she lives for me, then some glad morning her bird she will see. As time goes on her sadness will grow dimmer. I’ll heal her deep wounds but her bird she’ll remember. She’ll know the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away, and the lord needed this bird for his Special Display.

(it was originally titled Special Bouquet)

A Special Thank you to Robin Lawson for allowing me to share this lovely poem.

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