1 thought on “Behavioural Problems in Companion parrots by Greg Glendell

  1. Always trying to learn & understand more about my feathered companions.

    Recently tried to rescue an 18yr old f CAG with a heart problem. Lord have mercy, as she turned my world upside down, wanting to kill my CAG 5yr old f, & hide the CAG 24 month male under the bathroom sink.

    She learned word, phases, asked to step up and then found an unmarked place on my hand or arm to bite down – hard! Many wounds!

    After 2 months of this, I returned her to the sanctuary I rescued her from. I figure she had a 2 mo vacation with her purified water brought to her in a china cup. And had learned a dozen or so new words, & I didn’t ask for my adoption fee back. So the bird got a vacation from where she was living, they got a hefty adoption fee and a bunch of new toys for her and the other birds.

    And I learned that 2 CAG’s in one house are enough. I am already fostering two cockatoo’s who are no problem at all.

    But that 18 yr old CAG must have been 1st or 2nd generation out of Africa.
    Not to mention Hormonal to the max. She was smart, cleaver & dangerious with a very bad heart medical problem. What a combo that was……

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