3 thoughts on “Clicker Training to help calm Aggressive Parrots from Mytoos.com

  1. I adopted a 18 yr old Congo African Gray on March 16th & knew she had bitten someone before. But she was miserable at the sanuctary & I hoped she would change her mood in a home. (A one home parrot before.)

    We have some lovely moments together, but she still bites when she does not want to do what I want her to do. Like I had to take the 2 cockatoo’s to the Vet for nail & wings & the phone was ringing & ringing. I was putting her in her cage & she grabbed the base of my thumb & I shook her off. I didn’t make much of a fuss about it, but said “No” loudly & covered her cage for 2 minutes before I left the house.

    Yet at bedtime she says,” Good night, Noah” & puts the featers on the top of her head to be scratched against the bars of the cage & even the side of her body. Do you think she was cage bound before so she only feels really safe with bars between her & people?

    • She is very new to your home still, and it is hard to tell what type of baggage she has brought with her. I would recommend that you read through the ABA Applied Behavior Analysis articles by Bev Penny. They contain some of the most helpful information out there about creating and forming a loving relationship. Keep in mind it takes a great deal of time, but with patience and love you can do this :). If you need more specific help, please email me at FeatheredAngels@comcast.net. I am always happy to help:)

  2. I am a first time owner of a bird, to say the least of a parrot, but last August I rescued an (I believe male) Umbrella 2 apprx 5 yrs old, he came from a not so pleasant home and was almost featherless when I got him. He now has 90% back. I have been doing some research on the breed and have discovered that u are unable to determine the sex until they have reached sexual age short of a blood test and that a females iris will turn a diff color, upon reaching sexual maturity. Jordan is begining to get pink and red spots in the iris is he a she? Secondly I would like to know if someone can help me figure out why when at first he/she loved everybody except my oldest son. which he/she instantly bit him. Jordan would love and cuddle with everyone then all the sudden he/she began biting everyone EXCEPT me? He drew blood on my husband, while he was on his lap, and alone with him, and he has got off his cage and chased him and the dog across the room biting. Is it sexual maturity and mating instincts coming into play? I at first was going to rehab him and rehome him but I have grown very attached to him and just want my family to live in peace, and harmony. I have read the clicker artical which I intend to attempt but Jordan can be very difficult to keep his attention long enough during training sessions. Plz HELP!

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