Behavior Issues

Living with parrots is not an easy task, they are each so individual and there emotions, likes and dislikes vary greatly. This section will be articles that can help you learn ways to deal with, and reshape unwanted behaviors. There is no such thing as a bad bird, just uninformed uneducated humans. We can learn how to make our lives with parrots harmonious with these links provided. Keep in mind there are no quick fixes and everything takes time, patience and love.

4 Easy Ways To Deter Breeding Behavior

Behavioural Problems in Companion parrots by Greg Glendell

But He Doesn’t Like It by Pamela Clark

Children and Birds

Clicker Training to help calm Aggressive Parrots from

Dangers of Allowing your Parrots to ride on your shoulders by Deborah FA

Discouraging Breeding Behavior in Pet Birds by Hilary S. Stern, DVM

Domestically Raised Cockatoos by Barbara Bailey


The Five Conditions the lead to Hormone Increase by
Charles King

2 thoughts on “Behavior Issues

  1. I need help with a rehomed 14 yr old male tag. He broke my husband finger when he trird to open his cage door.

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