Horrors from a backyard Parrot Mill

This is the little girl that we managed to get a “breeder”, to surrender. We were trying to get her other birds but she would not let them go. The conditions were some of the worst I have seen.

This Macaw, named “Baby”, was hatched in 96′. She was never given perches so she hung on the side of her rabbit wire cage. Our vet said that because of this the tendons to her feet slipped pulling her feet up. Since she received no medical care the bones of her feet and legs fused. She now has to walk on her hocks and her feet are useless. She can not climb or perch.

This story was shared by a friend Kail Marie, I promise to do more research and share as I update. Baby’s story will not be forgotten!

8 thoughts on “Horrors from a backyard Parrot Mill

  1. Is she in a home or is she looking for one? What a sweet baby… I have a double yelow-head Amazon that her “bird” parents damaged her feet and wings to where she can’t fly/and has some issues with perching….

  2. I feel so depressed seeing how this poor Angel had to live all these years!!!, but Patricia is absolutly correct, when she said to massage the feet…actually, if you massage from the hocks downward,and circular, with a medicated cream, such as Hibitane, or whatever the vet recommends, and keep doing this everyday, twice a day, eventually she will get some form of blood circulation in her feet……this process may take years, but it will help stimulate the blood vessels, and give her some comfort…..it`s worth the effort!!!!! Good luck…hugs…

  3. Patti – I will love to give you a protocol! There is much to be done, most in the way of supplements. Also oils and physical therapy. Animal Scents Ointment (super light amount) – with Release especially. But, I’ll give you a huge run down later 🙂 Never, ever give up!

  4. The burn cream is called silvadine, by prescription only. But i bet someone you know has some in their frdge. I know I keep it onhand. Do some Passive range of motion, toe extention and ankle rotation. Is breaking and resetting her feet an option? She’s been through a lot I know. but if she’s a good canidate for surgery how happy perching would be for her.
    Now, I’m ready to go put the breedr in a chicken wire cage. Who’s going with me?

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