10 Top Reasons for Parrot Death

Although we all like to think that we always have our bird’s best interests at heart, it is impossible to foresee every single household danger that our avian friends can get into. But it is wise to be aware of the most common dangers to our pet birds, so that we can avoid those situations. And, of course, it is an excellent idea to have a well-stocked first-aid kit on hand at all times, in the event that a mishap does occur. Be sure to discuss emergency plans with your avian vet and have a list of emergency phone numbers available.

Many birds die before their time as a result of mistakes made by their owners, either unintentionally or through ignorance. Learn about the top ten reasons birds die, and just perhaps, this information may save some birds’ lives.

The Top Ten Bird Killers by Exotic Pet Vet

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  1. the material is very helpful. My parrot, however, has died suddenly with no explanation except a family with flue visited us for two days.
    How sensitive the parrots re to the human flue virus…it will be very helpful to know.

    • First off please let me express my condolences on your loss. I know completely how very painful loosing any loved one is.

      There is varied information on rather a bird can catch human illness, however it is a known fact that the bacteria we have in our mouths can be toxic or even deadly to a bird and especially if the bird possibly has a compromised immune system to begin with. So if someone were to cough or sneeze directly onto or near birds, I believe that it is possible they could become ill from our germs. Also very important when any one is ill that they be extremely careful in washing their hands before touching a bird. I know some avian vets do feel that Parrots can catch the flu or other respiratory illnesses from you. Bottom line is we must always be diligent in protecting these angels from so many things, anything that is airborne…can be harmful to them.

      Again I am very sorry for your loss and if I can help in anyway…please just let me know


      • Today I lost Him this is very pain full. He love me a lot … but he was ill His name is RIO hope so God will take him as child.. I also love him, He was he is my RIO forever …. i am in pain…..

      • I am very sorry for your loss of your precious Rio. I truly believe that these feathered Angels do go to heaven and await us. I believe he is near you
        in your time of grief. Once the pain for you eases, you will feel him near once again. ❤

    • My sweet Bri died in my arms on the way to the vet. She was with me for 26 years & I am beyond heartbroken. I don’t know why or how & that has been haunting me. She was fine & playing with me then several hours later she was having seizures. Horrifying. My only comfort is that I truly believe our feathered angels are waiting for us in heaven.

  2. I am not a Vet but as a long-time bird owner I seriously doubt that a visit by a family who had the flu caused the death of your bird. My husband and I have had numerous illnesses, as have others who visited us, including flu, colds, pneumonia and none of our birds have been infected. We have a 23 year-old Macaw who is around us no matter how we feel, and to be honest, never thought about taking any extra precautions when we are ill.
    Just like people, birds can die of many different causes. With a bird, they hide illnesses so you have no idea how long your bird was ill. It is more likely a coincidence of timing than a direct cause of death.

    • You sound very cold and indifferent to the loss of his bird. I lost mine last night and am searching here for reasons as to maybe why he died while he appeared to be fine just a short while before. Your comments do nothing to console.

      • I am so very sorry for your loss hun. I sadly know how heartbreaking it is to loose a feathered one.
        I understand your wanting to find answers as to why your precious one might have passed, but I also want
        to remind you that birds hide illness so well that often we do not realize they are even sick until it
        is too late. In the wilds this is to stay with their flocks, and not be left behind. The only way to truly
        know why they passed, is to have an avian vet do a necropsy. I pray your heart will mend and remember only
        the sweet moments you shared with your little one ❤


      • My Cockatiel Joly passed away March 11 2017. March 1996-March 2017. He was 21 years old. The day before he passed away he was sleeping a lot, not eating and his stools were runny and white. He was also weak. He stretched his neck and shook his head and spit up some seeds. I looked up some things. I thought maybe something was going on in his crop. I think it was just his age. That night before I put him in the cage and covered it up I held him. I rubbed his crop area. He also let me pet him. He never would let me do that. I think he was telling me it is okay. Decided to take him to the vet the next morning. Found him in the bottom of the cage that morning. I miss Joly so much. It has been really hard. My sweet baby bird.

      • I am so very sorry for your loss hun. Loosing one of these precious angels is very hard, they are like our children ❤


  3. We just lost our beloved Kiwi yesterdaywho was a 9 year old Male Eclectus, very personable, happy, talkative beautiful member of our family. He was eating and showed no signs of illness on Wednesday night when we put him in his night cage, next morning we found him dead, no explanation, and heart breaking!

    • I am so very sorry for your loss. I know how heart breaking it is to loose one of these precious Angels. If I can do anything to help, please let me know.


    • I just lost my 10 year old Myers Parrot…Miss Jersey Girl..She was healthy. last night I was baking chicken fingers. Shortly thereafter she made 4 unusual sounds, and I found her gone. I imagine from the non stick pan and aluminum foil I used…….heartbroken!

    • So sory for ur loss jeff. I just lost my 7year old eclectus. She was sick for a week and i took her to the vet today. She called in the evening to say my precious scarlet had died. Cause of death: toxins from air freshener aerosols.

      • I am very sorry for your loss also Shalane. Thank you so much for sharing and hopefully it can help someone else learn and save another feathered one ❤


  4. my parrot was whisteling and a few hours later my dad went to talk to her but she was dead. We was hoping she was playing dead because she did that to the previous owner, and the first time we got her. Anyway he went to talk to her but he just couldnt see her until he looked at the bottom of the cage and he said she was dead. He took her out and was cradeling her and checking if she was hurt, she was never under fed she was never ill. She seemed fine. i really want her back obviously i can’t so if you could tell me what could of happened to her please ):

    • First I am very sorry for your loss.

      African Greys are prone to low blood calcium. Now I do not know for sure if this was the cause but it is common and they do faint from lack of proper calcium levels. Now I am not suggesting that this is all African Greys and the only way to find out is blood work taken by your vet. I just found out that our own precious boy has this same issue and we are now treating him for it with the advice from our avian vet. This is another reason why it is so important for all of us who care for these precious ones to have good annual checkups on our parrots. They can hide illness so well and sadly sometimes we never even see the signs.

      here is a link to an article on this very subject The Importance of Calcium in Our Greys’ Diets

  5. my amazon parrot had died sometime between last night and this morning but he was only 2 and a half years old why did this happen so instantly he was whistle and great before we went to bed

    • First off let me express my condolences, I am so sorry you lost your precious one. I cannot even begin to suggest though why he passed away. The only way you would ever be able to find out would be through a necropsy. Birds hide illness very well and sometimes you wont even see that they are ill. This is why it is so important to have regular avian checkups done so that your vet has records and can detect issues that we often cannot even see. Again I am very sorry for your loss.


  6. Hello, I was reading all of ur conerns on this site, and I rencencly experience the same feeling of waking up in the morning and seeing our bird pasing away, and like all, I have the same question, why did this happen, how can I find out the cuse of my birds death, so I did research on it, and it could be alot of reasons both natural and un-natural… that if explain , I would of write a whole book on here, in conclusion I learned alot and now my bird sleep by my side every moring and if u love and care for ur pet its always a good idea to have insurance for medical emergency, thier for when u experience situation in doughts or concern, you will be ready to take care of ur pets health and life, so to everyone loving thier pet , please treat them with alot of care, I learned alot, by not being prepare in situations that results the losf of my first pet, mr baby blue ,

    good bless everyone, we will all maybe one day see our pets again when we reached to heaven.



  7. my scale headed parrot just died an unexpected death her name was moody
    she died July 3, 2014 that morning she was just fine she wasn’t sad or anything wasn’t depressed she talked to my mom and all that but at 1:00 my mom and me went to check on all our bird when we saw her laying dead on the bottom of her cage. at first we thought she was playing dead but when my mom touched her she didn’t move or anything. there are many thing that could of happened In the short time we where away from her. she was never got out of her cage unless my sister took her out but she was never allowed outside for to long she was never put on the floor or anything. my mom said she sometime acted like she want to lay eggs or was in heat. she always had plenty of fresh water we never fed her anything bad. it was so sudden. we never but any dangerous plant in her cage we had her for a short time my mom paid about $500 for her. she was a sweet bird.
    she could of also been home sick for her old master but we will never know \

    ? – JULY 3,2014

    • My cockatiel died on July 4, 2014, one day after yours. Reading this post reminded me of her. I miss her a lot.

      • So very sorry for your loss, and no matter how tiny their little bodies might be….they leave a huge hole in our hearts when they are gone.


  8. This afternoon my 11 year old when to feed and water out two parrots and found them both dead at the bottom of their cages. Eyes wide open on their backs. Last night was the last we heard them and this morning nothing, when the afternoon came and it was feeding time, they were found. We have a small enclosed garden on the side of our home with another house maybe 10 -15 feet between them, I wonder if the neighbors used a chemical or had flumes that led to their death. Has anyone heard of this?? I’m looking for rationale and a source as the birds had made this their home areas for over a year now. They were beautiful and friendly birds. My 3 year is sleeping now but when he awakes and discovers them gone, the heavens will hear his wrath. Any feedback would be helpful on this. Thanks

    • Are your birds outside, if so yes fumes or chemicals used in a neighboring yard can and will kill birds. My neighbors all know if they are going to spray or burn to let me know beforehand so that I can close my windows. I am so very deeply sorry for your loss.


  9. Our 15 yr old african grey Alfie died sometime between 6pm n 915pm tonight found him dead bottom of cage eyes wide open just like he fell feet 1st. I took him to the vets approx 4 week ago as he was holding his wing out n shaking. Will be sadly missed by all. Any ideas wud be appriciated joanna.

    • Without a necropsy report there is no way of knowing for sure. I do know that many Greys suffer from Low Blood calcium which will cause many health problems including seizures. When you had your Grey at the vets, did they do a blood panel? When you mentioned him holding his wing out and shaking, it made me think of the blood calcium, however there are other things that can cause that as well. Also if he was exposed to any chemicals, including perfumes or using teflon coated cookware. Possible fumes coming in the windows from chemicals being used outside or burn piles or fires? Again there are so many possibilities that it would be impossible to give you a definite or even close answer.

      I am so sorry for your loss and hope that your heart will be able to heal and remember the happier times soon.


  10. My bird named White Owl is about the sweetest bird that you can ever have.he was very lonely so we bought him another female bird. ( they are both parrots )A couple months later white owl had been limping. He is in a lot of pain right now. Since we got the female bird he has been doing that. Now we assume that the female bird did something to his foot. I looked on the internet and I saw that your bird might be limping by the nails being to long. So we cut his long nails and he is still limping and he is still in pain. He has so much trouble trying to get in the cage. I don’t like to see him in a lot of pain. Also when he is on the floor he can’t really walk so he basically uses his wings to fly to different places. Please tell me what I should do to help him. 2014

    • You need to get this baby to an avian vet asap, there is no way to tell what might be wrong without a complete examination. Nobody can diagnose over the internet. I hope you will do this quickly as birds hide illness so well, that when we do finally see signs it can be too late to help them. Please help this baby by getting to an avian vet immediately!

  11. I have lost my pet bird. We took care and loved him a lot. Like every day, we used to keep some food in his nest and he plays around and eats. One fine day, when we were back from office, we found him dead in the cage;not knowing how it happened. We are extremely dis-heartened by hit . he was like our son to us

  12. My 12 year old rose ringed died yesterday. The death was so uncertain and sudden that one could hardly accept it. He was perfectly healthy and a talking parrot. He have never been to vet but also didn’t suffer from any type of illness. Its difficult to imagine a world without him. Can you possibly tell the reason of such sudden death even in healthier parrots with no case history of any disease. Just minutes for dying he had his meal and was perfectly fine.

    • First off, I am very sorry for you loss and I do understand how painful it is to loose a precious feathered one. As for your question, there is no possible way to say what caused your bird to pass without having an avian vet do a necropsy. Also birds are very good at hiding illness, so even though you saw no signs of him being ill…he could have been ill with something you could not visually detect. You also have to understand that there are many toxins or fumes that could have caused his death. Many things that we can breath in are fatal to our birds. Candles, perfumes, teflon coating being over heated, cigarette smoke, improper ventilation from heaters, stoves and fireplaces. Many foods are toxic to our birds as well. It is very important for this reason that we do take our birds to an avian vet and keep detailed records on their weight, health etc. This gives us a far better chance of detecting an illness….before it is too late.

      Again I am so sorry for your loss and if you choose to adopt another bird in the future….please make sure that the first thing you do is take them to an avian vet for a complete workup.


  13. my pet who was like my baby sister died yesterday , we grew up together , she was in my family for 14 years , and we are like sisters , I’m constantly crying from tomorrow everyone is telling me to calm down she was just a bird , but I miss her , I can’t even leave my room , I miss her and her dead body is so much visible in front of my eyes , she was more close to my mom n dad but it seems I’m just grieving , I can’t help but crying , I miss her so much , and I feel really guilty that I couldn’t be their for her in her last moments , she died in my dad lap , mostly she died of old age but I miss her and can’t imagine her being gone she is the only best thing that was left from my childhood and I lost her too I feel devastated , I just hope she is in peace

  14. My parents and i just suffered from our Blue front Amazon named Jo-Jo suddenly died yesterday;( I don’t what happened, I was cleaning my room then I hear what I think is our blue in gold McCall named Sally squawking, but it was like her saying up but long drawn out and squawking at the same time. So then I walk in the birds room and know onece Sally sees you she stops squeaking and tlking , but I don’t see her saying anything thing and that long drawn out up and squawking sound still going on and it ended up being Jojo and he’s laying at the bottom of his cage on his side. I yell “MOM JO-JO!!” To mom which she was taking a quick nap before work and she came storming in, open his cage then went to the kitchen to get a towel to pick him up and then he was gone;( but after Jojo passed away he had some type of clear liquid coming out of his mouth? Do anyone have any idea of what happened to our family bird. The only thing I can think of is i know he had a liver condition and my mom had him sense she was around my age 14-15 years old and she 37 now and she doesn’t know how old he was though. Does anyone have any idea of what happened?
    Please&thank you
    I would really appreciate it!

    • First off I want to say how very sorry I am for your loss. There is no possible way of knowing what caused your precious one to pass though. Only an avian vet can determine that by doing a necropsy after death. I wish I could help you more, but without a complete medical workup the possibilities are just to great. I am hoping that more people will realize that our feathered ones need constant medical checkups by licensed Avian Vets….my heart does go out to you and your family ❤

  15. About a month ago on 06/14, I lost the absolute love of my life Chopper my green cheek conure. I never thought I would be a bird owner, but I fostered him for my sister in law when he was a baby after she realized a conure, 2 dogs, a husband and 2 toddlers was too much to handle. I fell wholly and completely in love with him. He was the best pet I ever had (not that I didn’t love my childhood dogs just as much). I feel like we loved each other with everything we had. It was just me and him. He was my whole life, my everything. I was always leaving early from everywhere, so I could get home to my baby. All of these accounts I’ve read of people losing their bird’s are heart wrenching. I can’t help but feel robbed though, I only had over a year with Chopper. He was taken so soon, and I have no idea why. I know I would have needed a necropsy to find out possible reasons, but I was so overcome by gut wrenching grief I couldn’t bear to think of having it done. I wasn’t in my right mind and felt the all encompassing need to bury him and have a funeral to somehow cope with the loss. From the very first day with him I obsessively learned everything I could about being a good bird mom. I bird-safed my apartment as much as possible. Fed him fresh veggies, fruits and only the best Harrison’s birdfeed daily. I handcrafted bird toys from bird safe materials or bought special bird-safe toys. For the first 8 months I had him I came home from work apprehensive every day, worrying something had happened. Only to find him overjoyed to see me walk into the apt, chirping “Hi Chopper!” at me, everytime. I cherished every moment with him, but I deeply regret not taking him for some sort of general checkup. Maybe an avarian vet would have noticed something that I didn’t. He was SO healthy and happy all the time. On the day he died I spent the whole Sunday with him. I thought he was being more loving than usual. He sneezed maybe twice randomly, but he often sneezed once or twice randomly, it was never often and I always checked his nares obsessively to check for swelling or mucus. I knew all the signs of an ill bird, and never noticed him fluffing his feathers unhealthily, his eyes were always bright and alert, he was always very active and energetic. No signs of illness other than he was extremely loving that day and seemed to want to be as close to me as he could get. I was gone two hours and I returned to a nightmare. He was laying in the bottom of his cage on his back. I panicked and tried to revive him to no avail. I’ve gone over and over and over what could have happened. I noticed his water was low. But there was water all around the house. I kept a glass of water on my bedside table always, he would drink from this when I was home, as he spent all his time on my shoulder. He spent every moment I was home outside of his cage with me. And there was water and food for him all around. I liked to hide food in random places throughout the apartment so he could have fun “foraging”. Though in my darkest moments I am wracked with guilt that he was low on water that day, in reality I know it can’t be the reason he died. I didn’t check his water every single day on the weekends bc he would be out of his cage with me the whole time with multiple other sources of water. He only spent the night in his sleeping cage on the weekends. I’ve scoured websites devoted to the top reasons for pet bird death and nothing seems to apply other than some sort of illness or disease I knew nothing about. Chopper was hand fed and my sister-in-law purchased him from a respectable bird breeder. Days and weeks continue to pass and I just can’t get past this. It was a running joke among friends coworkers and loved ones how obsessed I was with Chopper and how much I treasured him. Now he is gone and I think of my life in terms of before Chopper’s death and after. Sometimes I truly regret not getting a necropsy done, but I was truly hysterical and completely overcome when this happened. I continue to search for any consolation and am wracked by inconsolable grief and bewildered guilt. The bond I had with Chopper was inexplicable and I continue to struggle through the loss of my best friend and life companion.

    • I also baked that day before going out for the 2 hours, but it was in a completely separate room, no teflon was used and nothing burned. I had baked or cooked stuff in the oven numerous nights a week the whole time I had him, with him in the room with me the whole time. Still, the thought that this somehow contributed causes me heart to stop, everytime I think of it.

    • Mary your post completely tears my heart out hun, I am so very sorry for your loss of Chopper. He sounds like an amazing companion and sadly I know all too well the pain you are experiencing. There is something so incredibly deep and bonding with our love for our feathered ones. There is no way of even guessing of what happened to him on that final day, but hold in your heart that you gave him an amazing life while here. He never knew loneliness, pain or sadness. He knew he was loved and that is what he will carry with him forever. I myself have lost a few Angels over my lifetime and it does not ever get easier. I do however hope that you will go to an avian rescue when you are ready, and consider adopting another precious lil feathered one. There are literally thousands and thousands of birds just waiting for that special someone to want them. I hope you will let your heart help another and in the process it will help you heal a lil bit also.


      • Thank you so much for your understanding Deborah, it means more to me than you could ever know. I hope you know how appreciated you are. Coming here to this forum and seeing you post with heartfelt sympathy on everyone’s tragedies, it’s been a bittersweet solace to me. I’ve read through all of these accounts many times while trying to cope. It’s hard for people that have not owned birds to understand the incredibly strong bonds we form with them. Thank you again, so much.

  16. My baby grey (28/12/15) is currently being looked after by the vet, his breathing is horrible and he stopped singing last week. They think he may have a serious heart condition and well, I’ve been told to prepare for the worst 😓 the meds didn’t work, and the thought of losing my baby is terrifying, it’s lovely to read these comments because no one quite understands the relationships we have with them. I feel so worried xx

  17. My Bungle Bear has gone to join the singer’s in the sky, I’m completely devastated, he was only a baby 😪🐦

      • Thankyou so much, we went to visit him on Saturday and left him a little teddy to cuddle, that way he is never alone. The vet was so upset too, his immune system was just too immature to cope. Will be bringing him home again next week, not how I wanted it, but he will still be at home xx

  18. My African Grey sadly died this morning. He was 13 years old,young in parrot years.

    He has been my parrot since around 6 months old and for around 4 years has lived with a family member. The strange thing is, the relative who was at home every day with my parrot had recently gone into hospital- and is still there. It has only been in the last few days that my bird has taken unwell. I think there is maybe a slight connection with it being alone and being unwell.
    He started behaving a little strange at the end of last week and being very quiet, not eating much food etc…he very occasionally screamed the house down…he had done this in years previous when the house was quiet and people in other rooms as a way of getting our attention. Over the last few days when he was doing it he looked in real discomfort and had his left wing wide out. At first I thought he had maybe hurt his wing or leg and it was his cry for help.
    I booked an appointment for my avian vet – which was supposed to be this morning. I was getting increasingly worried about him and called them late on Friday afternoon to try and get an emergency appointment. They told me that they could see him but they would have to take him over the weekend but even then, couldn’t do much specialist care- more just looking after him.
    I actually put him in his travel cage and he immediately perked up. Whistling, talking and even eating some food. I thought that maybe he would be ok until today and I would take special care of him over the weekend.
    Sadly this wasn’t the case and he began to get really unwell looking on Saturday evening. He freaked out (which I now know was a seizure) and fell from his cage. I immediately comforted him and took him to the small animal hospital. They kept him over the weekend and provided regular updates.
    They checked his calcium which appeared within normal range, gave him painkillers and drop fed him food which he reacted well to.
    I was due to collect him this morning and take him to the avian vet for more specialist care but he died about an hour before I got there.

    I’m sad because I wish there was more I could have done and will always think- I should have taken him to the avian vet on Friday afternoon but still unsure what that would have helped with.

    Now is the hard part of telling my relative and her companion when she is still in hospital…. And having the option of burial or cremation of him.

    • I am so very sorry for your loss ❤ These babies are so good at hiding their illness, that we do not always notice until it is very late. Again I am very sorry for your loss ❤

    • I am so very sorry for your loss ❤ Birds can hide illness so well that we dont always notice that they are even sick. The bond we form with them is also an
      amazing relationship that is not something others can always understand unless they too have shared their heart and lives with a parrot. I do pray for you
      to find comfort soon. Your feathered one is close by, once the pain begins to subside a bit you may be able to feel him near by you. ❤

  19. My precious Blue & Gold Macaw Lyla started screaming this morning at 3am… My husband turned the light on, she was hanging on to the side of her cage. She immediately fell to the bottom of her cage and started shaking like she was having a seizure. She passed away shortly after. I drove the 3 hour trip home… I’ve never been so heart broken in my life. She would have been 15 on August 27th, way to young to go.. We live 3 hours from an aviary vet and I regret so much for not ever taking her in for regular check ups.

    • I am so very sorry for your loss. I know the pain of loosing one and it never gets easier. They are our children with feathers.

      I hope others read this and also understand the need for an avian vet and regular checkups. I hope it can give you some solace that you are now sharing your experience and possibly helping another ❤

  20. Beeker, our sweet 2 1/2 year old umbrella cockatoo, died while we were at lunch today. About 2 months ago he fell off his perch during the night and seemed to have a “limp foot” or what appeared to be in a cramped position. It took a few days but seemed to get better. But he stopped flapping, laughing and being his funny self. No appetite difference, change in droppings, nothing. It almost appeared as if he had a stroke. Well after several weeks he started talking and trying his flapping again but seemed winded with any sort of activity and his feet would get cold. Is it possible he had a massive stroke or heart attack from a heart problem? We didn’t take him to a vet because again no appetite or dropping changes. If he had a heart problem could they have fixed it? Just so sad and upset that maybe we didn’t realize something was wrong. Thank you

    • Unfortunately there is no way of telling what may have happened without a necropsy done after he passed. The fall could have been from multiple reasons, but he also may have injured himself internally. Birds will hide illness and injury as much as possible, it is their nature to do so. Anytime something unusual happens, it is imperative that they be seen by an avian vet. I am so very sorry for your loss, I am sure you loved Beeker very much. I hope others will see this post and hopefully learn something for their own precious ones. A personality change, or change in behavior can signify something is wrong.

  21. My parrot is really deprresed, in his cage he has various sticks to climb and he also has a lot of swings and he only stands still in the bottom of his cage like if he was very weak (he is kind of weak) does anybody know why this might be happening??

    • have you taken him in for a checkup? He could be frightened of the items in the cage if they are new? Birds need all new things introduced slowly. However you said he is weak and only sitting in the bottom of his cage, which concerns me greatly. I would be taking him into an avian vet asap hun.

  22. Do you know if Blue-Fonted Amazon bird can die of grief? My parrot passed away because he was forced to be in his cage by an inspector. He hates being in his cage. The inspector insisted so we put him in the cage and had to keep him in the cage. He cried and cried until he passed away…

    • No only a few hours should not have harmed him, however if he was incredibly stressed that could have created a sudden traumatic health issue. There is really no way for anyone to guess at what caused this though. The only way to know for sure would be having a necropsy done. If he had existing health issues, then the stress from being caged might have brought this one.

      I am so very sorry for the loss of your beloved Amazon ❤

      Others who are reading this, please be sure to do regular avian vet checkups for your feathered ones.
      Regular checkups can catch health issues and a tragedy like this one might have been avoided. I know many are not aware of the need, but I am hoping and praying that we can change that together ❤

  23. hi I bought my parrot a food wheel for his cadge put it in last night got up this morning and he had eaten the whole lot will he be ok

  24. I’ve got up this morning & found my 10 year old African grey on his back at bottom of cage, still warm. I can’t think what’s happened except if my 2 1/2 year old Christmas toy electric car has scared him as that what he did as soon as he got into lounge while I went to kitchen. I thought my African was quite hardy though as there been a lot of noises/things happen over the years in a lot of shock & very upset & confused

    • I am so terribly sorry, there is no way to know for sure unless you have a necropsy done. I am again so sorry for your loss though as I do know how very painful it is loosing and Angel.

  25. I took my Amazon Parrot to the vet this past Monday for a nail trim and wing clip and during the procedure the vet noticed that “PB” seemed to have lost weight since his last visit. She stated that it would require a thorough exam so I returned the next day to have blood work, x-ray and general observation. I collected him that afternoon and was prescribed “Orbax” by Merck, which is a anti bacterial oral medication. His blood work was sent out to Vet Scan. Well, I gave PB his first dose on Tuesday night and Wednesday he acted a little lethargic and had no appetite. Following the vets instructions I again gave him the Orbax last night. Today I went to give his breakfast and he was dead on the bottom of his house. I can understand probability and coincidence, however it seems highly suspicious that my 20 year old beloved pet would be dead after taking the Merck drug. I am devastated thinking that I gave my pet a medicine that brought about his demise. He is and will be forever in my thoughts. Are there any other documented cases of parrot death and Orbax? Thank you.

    • I am so very sorry hun, I can understand how much this hurts. I am not sure about the medication you mentioned….but hoping others may come along and give you their personal experience
      with it. Did the vet say what was wrong and why they were prescribing the medication? Birds hide illness so well, it could be your precious one was ill for some time and it just wasnt noticed. Not saying it is your fault in the least…this is what birds do. Again though I am so very sorry and will pray your heart can heal and remember all the wonderful times soon.


  26. I am on this site trying to figure out what on earth. Genevieve was about 20 years old, African Grey. I heard something around twelve last night that woke me. I got up and heard a gasping for air or something and started to search. I was half asleep so disoriented. I finally went to Genevieve’s cage and took the cover off and there in the bottom of the cage she lay grasping the cage and struggling to breath. I carefully pried her feet loose and cuddled her to my chest and she looked up at me gasping. I sat wondering what on earth I could I do. I massaged her so carefully and held her with love. Suddenly she passed and I knew she was in the best place, where she loved being the most, with me. She was crazy about me. An era has passed. W e lost our son Hunter Garner June 10, 2007. projectyellowlight.com
    Hunter loved Genevieve and now she sits on his shoulder in heaven together forever.
    I will meet with you there my dears make a place for me please.
    Love you so much,
    Farewell, Lowell

    • I am so sorry for your loss hun. I know the pain of loosing a feathered child. Without a necropsy, there is no positive proof of why your beloved Genevieve passed. African Greys do have an issue with absorbing and processing much needed calcium and sadly many are not aware of this issue. I share this as often as I can in the hopes of others sharing and possibly educating more on the need of calcium for all our African Greys. I lost my own dear Toby due to his own lack of calcium and so this is one of my missions to help others in hopes that maybe their precious angels can not succumb to this.

      I do agree with you that your Son Hunter and Genevieve are now together in the very best possible place….much love to you and ty for sharing your story with us ❤

  27. I lost my cockatiel today. I thought she was tired last night because of moulting. Took her to the bird clinic in the morning because her poo didn’t look good and she was lethargic. He was going to keep her “hospitalized” until tuesday over the long weekend (easter) just to keep an eye on her but thought it was probably a crop infection. He called me a few hours later that she passed away, either a heart attack or kidney failure. I feel like i should have known, i should have done something different. I got her when she was barely 2 weeks old, a baby. She would have been 8 this April, too early for a cockatiel. All I know is that she went very quickly and hopefully didn’t suffer too long. I still have a budgie (they were in separate cages but i’m sure she knows). Birds are my closest life companians – clearing away the empty cage is without doubt one of the worst snd hardest things i’ve gone through. I cannot begin to express the pain of this loss- like losing a very close family member. You know that birds don’t live forever and you try to prepare for the day but no matter what, it hits you suddenly and horribly and the grief is unlike any other.
    RIP Big Bird
    12.4.08 – 25.03.16

  28. Hi guys please can someone help me? My african grey has been sick for 2 days now….she doesnt talk or sing anymore……doesnt want too eat or drink….and she seems too have seizures, gets paralysed in 1 leg and keeps on falling off her perch. I took her to a vet this morning but they have no clue and say it might be a brain parasite or vitamin B defiency? …i havent read any off these sickness’s….please can someone give me some advice?

    • What kind of vet did you take her to? She needs an avian vet for sure and they can do blood work and other tests to help find out what is wrong. It is imperative that this precious one be seen as soon as possible as birds hide illness so well she could have been sick for awhile and her symptoms are serious. I will keep you in my prayers and thoughts hun


  29. Thanks my parrot bobby was dead today when I uncovered his cage he as been of for a few days.although he was not off his food.he was not talking and sleeping a lot.can t explain why hes had the same food he as had for years guess its just one of those things.

  30. Hello,today my two little girls rainbow lorikeet parrot died, 6/5/16 name was rainbow,it was a beautiful hand raised parrot we loved very much,what to say he was here today and the next in a blink of a eye forever gone,he was a happy bird shared many memories with us which we will always remember I do like to mention this past week or two his feather started to fall off he did look alittle sick but was not much noticeable,just wanted to know if it’s normal for their feathers to fall.
    Thank you for your time

    • Birds do molt and shed feathers but if a lot were missing to the point of the bird not looking well, then it could have been something else. I am so sorry for the loss of your feathered one ❤

  31. My Mealy Amazon parrot of 29 years died this morning. She started plucking feathers on her right leg and had been on antibiotics and inflammatory meds for about a week. She seemed improved the last two days, but this morning I heard her fall off her perch and when I went to pick her up she had a hard time balancing and holding on. I knew this was very bad and held her for about 15 minutes while she died. I’m very sad but glad I was able to hold her and also that she didn’t suffer. She did seem to have a neurological problem with that same leg about a year ago; at the time we thought is was an injury. She improved and her Vet didn’t think there was any other problem. When I took her in last week she seemed to have a staph infection where she had been plucking, and the vet thought that she might have an inflamed liver or fatty ; we were to do blood tests this Thursday if she still was ill. I don’t know how old she really was because when my husband bought her as a gift for me, they told him she was a male, 5 years old, was a blue fronted amazon and could talk, I don’t know her age but everything else that was told to me was incorrect. I loved my Mealy, non talking, neurotic Amazon very much. I will miss her.

    • Oh hun I am so very sorry for your loss, I pray that your heart can heal quickly so you can remember all the wonderful times you had with your precious one. I know it is like loosing a child and only those of us with these precious feathered ones can truly understand how close we are with these precious lil Angels. Take comfort that she is flying free now in the most beautiful place possible, she will be waiting for you to reunite someday ❤


  32. I am sad to say I just lost my little bird suddenly today and now I am very curious to know what really happen to him. He was all well roaming around in house had food. When I came back home in the evening he was sitting quietly on top of his cage. Then suddenly he dropped himself backward on the floor flapping his feather and feet stiffed backward. He couldn’t stand. I took him to vet he gave some medicine and oxygen for a while but he started to breath with an open mouth and till the time I took him back home he died :(.

    Can anyone help me understand what could be the problem. Vet said it was due to some toxicity that can happen due to some paint or all. But we are not having any paint job or any other household job in our house. He just had some boiled rice in the afternoon and cockatiel seeds.

    • I am so sorry for your loss, but unfortunately there is truly no way to know certain without Avian Vet testing. It could be from a multitude of things. There are so many things in our homes that are toxic to our birds, candles, cleaning products, teflon cookware, perfumes, smoking, air fresheners…the list goes on and on. He could have chewed off some wall paint even, doesnt have to be fresh paint. There are also many foods that are toxic to our birds. So there is literally no way of being able to help you with this, and I am so sorry.


      • Thanks for a quick reply Deborah, I was just asking so that I will be more careful for my other birds. My second bird is not eating now and keeps on shouting for the lost bird. How much time she will take to get normal or shall I bring her another friend.

      • They grieve the same as we do, so the amount of time can vary for each bird. Give this one a lot of love and understanding. Talk with her/him and let them know that their friend is gone. Comfort them as best as you can and be patient. A new friend will never replace the lost one. In fact a new friend could possibly not work at all and your current bird could hate the new one. Lots of Love and TLC for your bird. Encourage her to eat by eating with her. Share as much time with her as you possibly can. If she continues not to eat you may want to get her into the vet for testing asap. I wish you both well and hopefully both of your hearts will heal quickly ❤


  33. My cockatiel has been a little off since Sunday. Fluffed up on bottom of cage sleeping.Thought he maye just be tired. Woke up this morning and he had died. I don’t know what could of caused this.

  34. My parrot Fred, died last night, of unknown causes..
    He was a Green Cheek Conure, and I grew up with him..
    My grandmother got him when I was three, in 1996..
    He would give us kisses, have full blown conversations with us..
    It’s so hard to lose him, my poor baby Fred.
    They are fantastic pets.

  35. After 14 years of sharing many a laugh, even sometimes annoyed because she could be obnoxious ☹️, I lost my friend, my little buddy Parrot Cuca. She was fisty, funny, loud, loved me and I loved her. She passed away in my home after coming back from the vet where they said she either had a very bad lung infection or lung cancer. He didn’t give her much of a chance and she died hours later today in my home. I see from all the posts, it is quite common for a parrot to seem okay one day and become critically ill the next. After a God awful final yell, she stopped breathing and left me forever. I don’t know how I am going to deal with her not being here…not hearing her singing, throwing kisses, whistling and when she was in one of her moods she let me know 😭Miss you my love. RIP Cuca

    • I am so very sorry for your loss, I know all too well the heartache it brings. Parrots hide illness so well, due to their natural instincts from the wilds. In the wild they will be left behind if ill, so they learn to cover it up and carry on till it is truly too late. This is why I try to stress the importance of annual checkups which include blood draws. My hope is that illness can be detected and these precious ones have a better chance of living longer.

      Again I am so sorry for your loss, I will keep you in my prayers and thoughts


  36. My parakeet kiki that we adopted from someone who found her outside died this morning!😖 I’m 13 and I’m really really upset! I took her to the vet and they said she was fine but last night she fell off her perch so I held her for an hour then put her in her cage.my two other parakeets cuddled her for the last time!😔😔😔😔😔

  37. I have a 14 week old Green cheek conure, that is Heavy breathing, off balance head bubbling in circles, sleeping, won’t play. What should I do?? There are no bird vet in my area!!

  38. My 3 1/2 year old parrotlet ‘Buttercup’ died in my palm this morning around 11:30. The painters had just started painting our house yesterday and sealed up most of the windows with plastic. I don’t know if the painting fumes were the cause, but I strongly feel that it was. Buttercup was fine last nite, but this morning, she did not call out to be brought out from her cage. By 11am, I looked in on her and she was on the lowest perch. I picked her up and saw that she could not stand or walk. Within 30 mins, she died immediately after letting out 2 calls that I assume were sounds of distress. I am grief stricken. My precious bird was so full of life. I was hoping that she would have become old with our family.

    • I am so very sorry for your loss. Birds airways are so delicate and many things that do not effect humans can be highly toxic to birds. Sadly paint fumes are very
      toxic to birds. Even when using the non VoC paints, one has to be very careful in keeping the birds away from the fumes and have fresh air. Your suspicions of it
      being the paint fumes is very likely the issue.

      Thank you so much for sharing this with us and hopefully others will read it and learn also. There are so many things that we continue to learn about birds and it
      is people like you that share your sad losses that helps others to learn.

      Again I am so sorry for your little one and for you as well. I know how hard it is when we loose a precious feathered one ❤


  39. I have a 21 year old Senegal parrot, he’s always been a healthy bird! For about 2 days he has barely been eating, just wants to be petted and will eat small amounts! His breathing seems heavy and just acting strange!
    All the vets are closed & can’t get him in until Monday!
    He is my baby & I’ve been watching him non stop, any ideas to what could be happening?

    • So sorry your lil one is ill, I really cannot give any advice and the different reasons would be far too many to even list.
      Keep him warm and hydrated and see if there are any emergency avian vets around. I will be praying for you both ❤


  40. What is the reason of my parrots death.
    2 days before the death it doesnt eat any thing and at the moment before dieying it breaths heavily with open mouth and i take my parrot to hospital they take an injection and give a tablet after sometime it died in my mothers hand by looking at us…….and the eyes closed.what could be the reason??

    • I am very sorry for your loss, but only an avian vet can possibly tell you the reason for your bird passing. There are far too many reasons to even begin
      to try and guess what could have happened. Again though I am very very sorry for your loss.


  41. My 5 months old baby grey parrot die 3 days ago
    I don’t know what happened to him but he seems to be sick
    He is playing with me for morning till 2 pm he is acting normal till 2 pm.
    After that he closed his eyes but he is still standing . I thought that he is ill so I take him to vent he game me some madicine after taking medicines at 10 pm he died exactly at 10:30 pm
    I felt very sad due to his cause
    I pray to Allah that he is waiting for me in the heaven
    May we meet again my tweety. IN SHAA ALLAH

  42. Hi my blue and gold macaw won’t eat her parrot food or vegetables or fruit she is losing wait and now falls off her perch your advice would be well appreciated thanks

    • make sure you give the bird lots of fresh air, a great deal will depend on how long the bird was exposed to the fumes/odor and proximity to the bird. I would call your nearest avian vet to make sure what their advice is.


  43. I’m at such a loss right now. I stumbled across this page in a desperate attempt to find out what took my beloved Squeaker away from me so unexpectedly and suddenly. He was a four and a half year old Black Capped Conure and my absolute pride and joy, the light of my life and my emotional compass. He passed away yesterday (November 1st, 2016) and I have absolutely no idea how or why. Just that morning we were having a “whistle war” and having a blast. He was energetic, alert, and his goofy little self just like always. Last night, I was doing my regular rounds and checking everyone’s food and water. When I got to his cage, he wasn’t on his rope. I found him on the bottom of his cage, gone. I have never felt such intense devastation as I am still feeling over this loss. He wasn’t on his back, but instead on his belly with his wings ever so slightly outstretched, like maybe he lost balance and fell too hard. But he was a clumsy bird and ALWAYS fell. I know the only way to find out for sure is to do a necropsy, but I just can’t stand the thought of someone taking him apart like that. He never liked being messed with, he couldn’t stand even a single feather out of place. I miss him to a level I did not know was possible. What do I do without my SqueakerBoy? I keep asking myself, but I just can’t seem to answer.

    • I am so incredibly sorry for your loss. I completely understand how you are feeling, the loss is devastating that only those who have feathered ones can fully understand. My heart breaks for you and wish I could give you gentle hugs right now. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers and your precious SqueakerBoy as well.


  44. i had a african grey parrot (angel) she was an amazing bird she was constantly loved by me my mom and little sister. angel was always getting out of her cage and walking around on the floor and she was always whistling and making funny and new noises. well one day we came home and she was making a muffled chirp and my mom was told she was just making her mating noise so we were like okay and then the next day she was fine she was playing with me on the floor she was walking around and biting me and then today she was found dead by my lilttle sister….. she will be very missed we love you angel
    you were once our angel now your gods forever in our hearts

  45. Hi. I have an aftican grey and he is almost 2 years old. He was talking alot and very loud and now suddenly he talks much less and when he does talk it is very soft. What could this mean. I am really worried about him. He has always been a happy fibrant bird. He eats and drinks normally. It just his talking behaviour that has changed.

    • Any king of sudden changes in behavior warrant a visit to an avian vet asap. Birds hide illness very well and so when we do notice any changes they need to see a proper vet immediately. Please do so and keep me posted.


  46. My Blue Amazon has not bn at herself this last 24hrs not talking seems sleep an cold she is always lively an talking but nothing an she seems now to b going of her food an not drinking

  47. December 3 2016 My parrot died and I cried and cried the lost of my Tango that was it’s name. It has been 6 days and I still don’t understand how this happened. That is how I clicked on this page. To all who lost one my condolences. May they RIP

    • I am so very sorry for your loss hun.

      As to your question, healthy food is just one part of what keeps a bird healthy, there is no way to know why your bird passed unless you had a necropsy performed on your bird after she passed. A bird needs a healthy diet, regular avian vetting checkups, exercise, toys, social time etc.


  48. I have got 1 new love bird two days before I.e on 24th dec 2016 at afternoon. That bird was quite silent n that bird initially was not coming in my hand then on 25th dec she started to come on my hand and started playing. But late night bird was shivering so I put some small clothes under her(wrapped her) so that on very next day i can take her to vet. But on next day i saw her in cage her eyes was not blinking , as i touch her she start flapping then i started crying. As i took to vet DR. Told that my bird got stroke n she is very serious bcoz of which she get hurt in eyes n even she is unconscious. I beg to doctor to cure but she said there is no chance of survival… I love my baby….

    • There are so many possible reasons, that I could not even begin to guess. If they were from the same clutch, they could have been ill when you brought them home. Other reasons could be toxins in the home, candles, perfumes, teflon, almost all cleaning products and the list goes on and on. I am so very sorry for your losses and wish I could be of more help ❤


  49. Yesterday, I lost my Jenday Conure named Kiwi. She was the best birdie companion I could have ever asked for. She was with me for 6 and 1/2 years. I purchased her while she was young in the summer of 2010 after two previous owners didn’t want her. She’s such a beautiful bird; overall with high orange coloring.
    She began acting strange on Saturday morning; feathers fluffed up, no talking and seemed lethargic with her wings drooping a little low to her body. She wasn’t talking and was making short squawking noises while bobbing her head and would try and sleep. This never happened before. Noticed her poop was black with white instead of the normal green color with white. Took her to the avian vet and they discovered she has a yeast infection after a gram stain and xray. I was given anti fungal meds for her and gave them to her that night. She slept on her ring that night. Sunday she seemed better and was perkier but not herself. She would take treats and food from me, drank water but she was not full strength. She said her name twice on Sunday and it was the last time I would hear her talk…Monday she was getting weaker and fell twice trying to stay on her perch near her favorite 2 toys but she wanted to be up there so badly. I took her back to the avian vet for help and they put her in an incubator with oxygen and injected her with fluids and an antibiotic. She had lost weight. Took her home and put her in a small animal habitat with towels, warmth and food. She slept through the night and made one poop with the black with white again Tuesday morning. I checked on her all night from Monday into Tuesday. I let her sleep and took her out gently Tuesday morning to give her food and water via oral syringe, then some meds a couple hours later. I held vigil near her and watched her sleep. I stepped away for a very short time and heard her squawk, I rushed to her, scooped her up, held her and she died quickly with me cradling her in my arms telling her I loved her.
    I am empty and besides myself with grief. She called for me in the mornings and at night when she heard me come home from work. She was happy, loving, smart, curious and such a joy in my life. I cannot sleep and my home now has an eerie silence that I wish was filled with her birdie sounds. I will love her forever. 😢

      • Deborah I wish I found ur article earlier. I lost a child of mine on 12th Feb. And a nother yesterday.mu kids were so precious to me. I’m in utter shock. I had 7 parrots in all. But now left with 3. The other two had died due to dirreah. And sadly among those three two are yet parties of phunenia. Docs have gave up. I now just sit and count clocks. I am so so lonely. I just had them in my world. They were so small and so young.

      • I am so very sorry for your losses. I can only imagine how difficult it would to loose more than one precious angel. My heart goes out to you hun ❤


  50. I lost my poor Ruby today! She was a healthy stunning 12 year old African Grey. Yesterday she was bathing eating and drinking. She use to bite me and chase me with open wings and a charge so she would seldom come out her cage. Her death is unknown and it’s really bugging me and my husband! She was fine this morning and after dropping kids at school 10 minutes later she was laying eyes open on her back at the bottom of her cage. What could have happened?! I’m heart broken and feel sick to my stomach! I miss her dearly and don’t know how to move on. This will be so painful for a long time!!!

    • I am so very sorry for your loss and I can empathize with the grief you are feeling. Without a necropsy performed, it is impossible to know what caused your precious Angel to pass. My prayers are with you and your precious Ruby ❤


  51. My male eclectic parrot had a broken blood tail feather. I’ve been cleaning it and putting antibiotic ointment on it twice a day for 2 days. It’s still swollen and today I’ve noticed that he has not pooped…..don’t have money for a vet. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • I truly cannot give any medical advice but you should probably not be putting any sort of antibiotic ointment on him. Most of them are very toxic to birds. The only thing I ever use on a broken tail feather is to dip it into flour or cornstarch to keep it from bleeding. Most vets will be willing to work out a payment plan for you and I feel since you were using antibiotic ointment, he truly needs to be seen by an avian vet asap. I am so sorry, please keep me posted.


  52. I have a Alexander parrot she as been by herself for 3 to 4 year I think. I want to breed my Alexander parrot with a male Alexander parrot. But I am not to shore that she will not kill him. I guess my question is what will happen if I buy a male Alexander parrot and put him and her together what should I look for so that she will not kill him. Please let me asap. I really want to breed them. Thank you so much. By the way my name is Adam Gifford.

    • Firstly I have to say that I am totally against breeding of any parrots in captivity. That being said you should also be aware that you cant just put two birds together and expect them to get along, they might or they might hate one another. Very dangerous thing to even try, especially if you love your current Alexander Parrot. The reason I am against breeding of any kind, is due to the thousands upon thousands of parrots in rescues and sanctuaries already. Parrots have long lives and most people are not set up to deal with them properly and so once the newness wears off, these precious angels are tossed aside. Parrots require a lot of education, time, proper foods (which can be expensive) and proper avian vetting. If you want company for your parrot, then by all means adopt another bird but keep them at a safe distance and in separate cages of course. Currently I have 11 birds all from rescue and guess what….only two of them truly like each other and they are both males lol.
      Adam I hope you truly reconsider and do not try to breed your precious Angel. Also I hope you go to your nearest rescue and take a look at all the birds waiting for a new home and maybe it will help you to see my perspective on the subject.


  53. My parrot is behaving weird since tommorow idk wht happnds to himbt e started being quite
    N he s not like dat he whistles daily every time
    Now he being angry upon all..

  54. Hagrid is doing much better. He is pooping but still not normal. the swelling has gone down alot. If his body does not push out the stump of a broken blood feather, I will have to try and remove it.

    • please be careful when removing the broken blood feather, it can be very painful to your precious feathered one.
      I am so glad he is doing better, ty for letting me know.


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