Help your Bird survive in a disaster!

Help Your Pet Bird Survive A Disaster By Susan Chamberlain
If an emergency situation happens, are you prepared and ready to make sure your birds are safe?

I want to Thank Cate Clark for the following suggestions:

Cate Clark
A.The one thing that was left out of being preparded in case of an emergency was wire cutters and or a bolt cutter, depending the size of your birds and cages. Many of us who have larger birds have Houdinis on our hands. And many of use padlocks. Think on how difficult it would be to open them with your adrenalin pumping and your hands shaking.

B. Just a suggestion. My biggest fear is fire! So I have tried to figure a way not to have to use padlocks. And by God, I think I have found it for me. It is two items. The first one are the baby rings that are open on one end. I not only use them to hang toys but they are a toy in themselves. I also have used them on the doors. I use more than one on different places on the doors. They may get one off but very rarily look for the one at the very bottom. The second, you have to purchase but for those who have those pesky sliding latches, these work beautifully and not one of my parrots have been able to get it off. They are the acrylic balls with a J hook that screws into them. AABirdToys carries them. They are not cheap but they last forever. They also have the skewers that are great for hanging wood blocks for chewing.

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