Feathered Angels Seed Mix

While I have bought seed mixes in the past, I find there are far too many fatty seeds in them and many things my angels do not like. Due to this I started making notes of what was eaten and what there was too much of in purchased mixes and started making my own mix. Not only did this save me some dollars, but I am now very confident that my babies are getting a very healthy seed mix and one that wont cause fatty liver disease. Everything in this mix is organic, unsalted and human grade only!

star anise


coconut chips

chili pepper chunks

hemp seed

wheat kernels

Milk Thistle seed

oat groats

toasted soy nuts

pumpkin seed

flax seed

chia seed




uncooked steel oats

dry whole wheat pasta

organic granola

roasted cashews

pine nuts

roasted corn



This mix varies depending on what I find out shopping, but this gives you a good idea on how to make your own seed mix.

I do offer the occasional safflower seeds, but they are in moderation and for treats only.


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2 thoughts on “Feathered Angels Seed Mix

    • This is for all of my birds from small to Macaw….I use a food processor to chop up things for the smaller ones. This is only an example of what I put in my mix and I do change it up constantly but there are some basics in this that I feed all the time. The important good seeds like hemp, chia and flax are used always.

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