Ghost Flock by Judith R Archer

Last night I was sleeping when I woke with a start
To the sounds of macaws…be still my heart!
I ran to the bird room and my flock was all there.
Only Hawkeye awoke and gave me a stare.
Could I have dreamt this? It sounded so real
No, I heard them again…one gave a loud squeal.
I ran to the window and looked into the glen
Macaws in the moonlight! I wasn’t dreaming then.
A flock of macaws was outside in the night.
And I recognized some as the group took flight.
Brandi and Kismet took the lead
Milo trailed behind, but gathered speed!
Ara’s baby was there…and Tequila’s too
My eyes filled with tears…I knew this crew.

The ghost flock soared against the full moon
The night was shattered by their loud macaw “tune”

“We fly once again, and we feel no more pain…
We flash in the sunlight, we play in the rain….
We watch over our people and we feel their sorrow….
But we will meet again…if not today…tomorrow….
We live in a world where nothing goes wrong….
We are the ghost flock and this is our song…”
” Others join our flock and here they find peace….
And sometimes one leaves but our worries cease….
We know what has happened, a bridge has been crossed….
The one joy we missed no longer is lost.”
“A macaw and its owner are together at last…
And the sorrows of earth are a thing of the past”

Judith Archer (copyright 1997)

The birds in this poem were all once Judith’s beloved companions that she had rescued

for permission to recopy please email Judith at,

or  message on FB Judith R. Archer

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