An amazing tribute to All Captive Parrots by Ginni Bly

Ginni Bly a former volunteer, of Foster Parrots, wrote this as a tribute to Lola the GW Macaw. She painted a beautiful portrait of Lola which then was made into cards with her poem on the back

Deep within the soul of the lonely caged bird
Beats the rhythm of a distant forest…
Etched upon it’s broken heart…
The faded memory of flight. Ginni Bly

You can purchase these beautiful cards here

Here is a short video of Lola

You can read more about this beautiful Angel here Lola

Foster Parrots, Ltd. is a sanctuary, a safe place where a parrot can live free from abuse and free from fear. Every bird deserves this!

4 thoughts on “An amazing tribute to All Captive Parrots by Ginni Bly

  1. Thank your waking me to the realization of how awful, how tragic and WRONG it is to keep birds in cages. How cruel we are, and how animals suffer for it! I’m ashamed I was so unaware; I will spread the word to all who will listen.

    • Dear Malenkia, thank YOU for hearing the message …. I wrote this verse with deep sadness, first for what Lola had suffered before he was rescued and lovingly cared for by Foster Parrots. But for the many parrots who suffer in dark places, caged, alone, neglected. abused ….. misunderstood. These magnificent creatures are brilliant; they “think” and feel. Yes, deep within their souls, in their DNA is the memory of flight…and it is stolen from them. Please speak for them…..

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