The Bird Endowment Saving the Blues

We will share
our bird passions
with you

The well-being of all birds — especially parrots — is Bird Endowment’s passion.

Our daily labor, however, is breaking the extinction vortex into which the Blue-throated Macaw has been thrust.

In the wild, we support those in situ Blue-throated Macaw conservation projects that are planned and executed with stakeholder consensus.

In captivity, our facility,
The Blues Conservatory ™ empowers Blue-throated Macaw parents to fledge and wean their offspring in the safety of a protected captive envirnoment.

Our Saving the Blues ™ breeding program for parent-rearing preserves the integrity of the species cultural identity and provides future breeding birds with the best potential for hatching and parent-rearing their own offspring.

The Blues Conservatory’s™ work well may be the greatest hope for long-term ex situ perpetuation of the BTM and the preservation of its species culture.

Our Saving the Blues™ program ensures the survival of a bird in captivity that is most like those now so seriously threatened with extinction in their Bolivia habitat.

If Saving the Blues™ is important to you, there’s a place for you in the nonprofit 501 (c) (3) Bird Endowment program. Your support or participation will make an important and vital difference.

The Bird Endowment Saving the Blues

The Bird Endowment Saving the Blues Facebook page

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