2 thoughts on “Avian Welfare Resource Center from the Avian Welfare Coalition – What Can YOU Do? Take Action!

  1. this is aweful, and damit there has to be law, to have the right, to go in there in there and save them, save any bird. They are beautiful animals, and should be saved in anyway possible….

    I live in Canada, but please don’t give up the fight, kick some a$$, and demand some rights for them too, we in both countries need better laws. can’t you sneak one or two out a night?


  2. CALL THE SHERIFF’S OFFICE REGARDING THIS MATTER. CHIEF DEPUTY DAVE DUCHEK IS INVOLVED IN THIS INVESTIGATION AND VOICE YOUR OPINION. 937 440 6085. There seems to be a problem with the Miami County Human Society and their ability to their job. Don’t bother contacting the MHS, Richard Karns is the president, Sharon Karns is the investigating officer and trustee! They won’t answer the phone anyway. You all are aware of the situation. She granted this sick animal hoarder 2 weeks to “clean up” Is she joking??? By her own admission, she says it’s up to her whether the owner of this birds are charged. WHY WASN’T HE CHARGED AND ALL OF THE BIRDS REMOVED AT ONCE???

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