Parrot Crisis

There are an estimated 40 to 50 million parrots in the U.S. today, and another 2 to 5 million being hatched every year. All of the Avian rescues and sanctuary’s are full. The main reason for this overpopulation is due to impulse purchasing without any prior education. Many people are mislead into believing that parrots are easily kept pets. This could not be further from the truth.

A parrot is nothing at all like a domesticated Cat or Dog. They require constant companionship and entertainment both mentally and physically for hours daily. Their diet is not just seed, but a combination of fresh and cooked foods. Almost every item used in most homes is toxic to them, from cleaning supplies to Teflon, a huge list of plants, even perfumes and candles, the list is endless. They need toys and things to chew daily. They are loud and messy. They are demanding and destructive. They are creatures that were meant to fly and by taking away that freedom, some of them actually turn on themselves and begin to self mutilate.

They truly are not beings that should have ever been caged or brought into our homes as pets. However they are here and we need to help share proper education and help make the public aware of the over population crisis. These are highly intelligent beings that are very sensitive emotionally. Life in a cage is a sentence for the crime of being beautiful.

This section contains not only the information on the crisis but also many valuable tips on things that each of us can do to help end this suffering.

Avian Welfare Coalition Articles and Resources

Be Proactive! Ways to help

Born Free U.S.A. Parrots

Cruelty, Abuse and Neglect Cases

Mass Breeding

Over Population Crisis

Recommended Avian Educational Resource

Report Abuse and Neglect

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