Bo the Moluccan Cockatoo

I had never heard of parrot mutilation until I heard Bo’s story. It forever left such an imprint on my heart and soul, that I had to help make a difference. I have watched and read his story so many times that I know it by heart, and each time I cry for him and all the others that I know are out there suffering due to human ignorance and cruelty. Watch it, remember it and then help to make a difference. If you know of a parrot that is abused or neglected, please be their voice and stop their suffering….before it is too late like it was for Bo.

You can read more about Bo here BoBos
and the full story here Second Chance Birds


6 thoughts on “Bo the Moluccan Cockatoo

  1. Im a really big bird lover and the Bo story touched me alot .. I have a number of birds and my heart goes out when I hear about neglect and abuse.. I have brought birds into my home that people didnt want and they turned out to be the most wonderful pets I have ever had … I hope people out there will understand that birds need love not abuse… I cry each time I see the Bo video… I have 2 cockatoos myself and think there fantastic…
    Vern the Bird lover

  2. i cannot tell you how hard i cried when i watched this video. i didnt eat or sleep for a couple of days. i often think about Bo, i wonder how people can be so mean and cruel to such a gorgeous creature, a creature of god. sometimes i look up in the sky on a beautiful day and i smile real big because i know Bo and all the feathered angels that have crossed over the rainbow bridge, are flying free and are so very happy! beaky kisses and wingy hugs to all the feathered angels!

  3. I have an umbrella cockatoo named Dylan. He has gone to 28 different homes before he was 5. He was abused, neglected and mistreated. He bit every one and hated them too. I had seen him several times but was always to late. He was sold before I could get there. The last person to get him came to resell him. I walked in picked him up and he lated his head on me. The seller came over and told me he has never did that to any one. He was still in a situation of abuse from a handler. He gave me Dylan right there and told me to pay when I could. Dylan lost a toe from the abuse. He still has problems but he was home with me. That was 8 years ago. Today he does every thing with me. He is my best friend for ever! To Rhode that are wanting a bird please understand they bite and scream. If you can, t deal with that please Don,t get one to have it regimes because

  4. My Dylan is now 13. He was so badly abused, neglected and mistreated. To this day he fears his own shadow, object and being left behind. No matter how many times I tell him he is safe with me, he flips out. I hate that for him. No matter what he does (even if he bites) I reassure him and tell him I love him and tell him I will never let him feel the pain of what he went through. He is my heart and soul!! I couldn’t see me and him with out each other. I love him so much! Just a reminder to those that

    • To those that have a bird or are thinking about getting one, birds bite and can scream the paint off the walls. If you can’t deal with that the a bird is not for you!!!!!!!! There are so many already that need people that know how to care for them.

  5. I lost my blue eyed Triton a few years ago from abuse. Cotton was only 7 when he died. I still cry for him and bo. They didn’t ask to be born. They just want to be loved. Yet people continue to breed them, sell them for large amounts of money and miss treat them when they inconvence them. I pray for all of them. It hurts to know how awful these birds are being treated just to earn a buck!!!!!! I love you cotton and bo. May you rest in Pease and love!!!

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