Articles on Applied Behavior Analysis by Bev Penny

This entire section is devoted to the articles written by Bev Penny, on Applied Behavior Analysis and Positive Reinforcement. She was very instrumental in my own learning process in understanding my Feathered Angels. I highly recommend anyone who shares their life with a parrot to read and practice all the suggestions offered in these links.

Adopting a Parrot by Bev Penny

Antecedent Change by Bev Penny

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)

Being the Boss Backfires by Bev Penny

Constructs: Putting Labels on Behavior by Bev Penny

Guidelines to understanding Applied Behavior Analysis for Parrot People by Bev Penny

Positive Reinforcement and Your Parrot by Bev Penny

Reinforcing Unwanted Behaviour by Bev Penny

The Bird and the Bank Account by Bev Penny

The Pitfalls of Intermittent Reinforce by Bev Penny

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