Avian Disaster Operations Rescue Network

After having been involved in the Disaster Recovery field for many years that focus has been mainly on Humans and the affected areas. I have always been concerned with the safety of my own companions. But without saying Hurricane Katrina has made the biggest impact on me and many of my friends. We had seen the images of animals being rescued, and the tears of those who had to leave them behind, never to be seen and heard from again.

As owners of any creature and having them as a true part of my family I could and would never leave them behind. Having said that, this article is mainly about avian companions and the avian community as it is related to disaster preparedness. Although what it does do is prepare us, and our companion animals as a whole. I know many people have “Great Intentions” in putting together a disaster kit, and having it ready. I also know many don’t because they don’t think they can or ever will be affected by a disaster. As I write this we are currently dealing with Hurricane Sandy it is a strong hurricane that may have a huge impact in the northeast.

As having Training in Fire, EMS, and the Military and having worked the disaster field I wanted to implement and modify a plan for not only our birds, but also for our furred companions as well. I was able very early on to work with a great veterinarian as a part-time vet tech who gave me my education to companion birds, and I already had a great deal of rehab experience with wildlife and birds of prey. I wanted to do something that had not really been done before to not only educate people about the importance of having a plan but also the information that they could have on hand when time mattered. I also wanted to see something where we could all communicate in times when it mattered.

Having been involved with Facebook for a period of time and getting acquainted with many bird people through social media. The idea came to start a disaster related Facebook page, a page that could get the information out there for those who need it when they needed it. I had no clue how it would be received. I wanted to use it as a tool to hammer in family and companion safety. I wanted people to be able to ask questions, have up to date weather information, and a way to communicate on what events they were going through at any given time. So I started Avian Disaster Operations Rescue Network. A board dedicated to all of the above. We have a files area where you can get an info sheet on putting together a Disaster Kit, for humans and companion animals alike. A proper avian first aid kit, proper generator safety usage. What to do before, during, and after disaster strikes. And what it takes to keep you and your family safe. I have been fortunate to add several administrators who care as much as I do, and they have been invaluable in spreading the word. They have also been very involved in the day-to-day workings of the board, Posting Weather Forecasts, watches and warnings, and the members themselves have been awesome. Some have even taken FEMA ICS online training. That is an effect that I did not consider happening. But glad to have in some small way been able to be a part of.

We have been compiling lists of those who could help close to an affected area to help with foster caring, transporting, and in general assist in sheltering displaced birds. We also have the means to setup another face book page at any given time just to respond to such emergencies. This is getting bigger than anticipated. It’s been growing a few people at a time with 30 members joining yesterday, which is bigger than any 3 day drive in the past. This is all due in part to those who believe in its mission to keep our companion animals safe.
A.D.O.R.N.’s Mission is to be able to assist individuals, or groups who own Parrots / Exotic Birds during or after a Disaster has taken place. Networking will be the key in getting these birds affected, to safe sanctuary or foster care after an event. People may use this site to request help. It can be used for Groups, Clubs, Rescues, or Transporters to communicate with those in need.
Those who would like to volunteer whether it be an Individual, Group, or Sanctuary may let us know before or after a disaster, please list number of spaces you have open, for how many birds, and what kinds of birds. Anyone who would be willing to Transport a bird to and from a site are also welcome to sign in.

In the event of a Disaster a separate A.D.O.R.N. site may be established and dedicated to a specific area affected if it is on a large-scale.
Also A.D.O.R.N. also promotes Disaster Preparedness before disaster strikes.
At this time I want to acknowledge those who make this so much fun, even when there are times of stress and lots to do. Deborah FeatheredAngel, and the Blog she runs. Paul Dimitri who helps with the day-to-day operations. Viki Bullock from Parrot Troopers, Rachel from LasalleCountyIl Parrot Rescue, Lorry Burgr from Florida Parrot Rescue, and Chad Moser from Soft landings Parrot Rescue. Your work and input has been invaluable to creating and running this board. Also my wife Debbie who lets me do what needs to be done when it’s done.

If you are not a member yet check us out before you need to. http://www.facebook.com/groups/418602808167698/

You cannot be prepared for every disaster. But you can Be prepared for most.
Being prepared is the difference between you and your companion animals surviving the unknown.
Have A Plan. Be ready to enact it. Have your family Practice it. You ultimately can make the difference of surviving, or being a statistic.

Bob Kaegi

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