Providing for our birds….once we are no longer able to by Deborah FA

Not a subject that anyone likes to think about, however it is a must. We have  responsibilities as caregivers to our flock to make sure that when the time arrives, we have made decision on their behalf. This is also another good reason to make sure your parrot is properly socialized and prepared for when they have to live with another person. Most of us have to accept the fact that our birds will outlive us. Unless you started caring for your parrot at the age of 1, or you adopted and older parrot, then the chances of them outliving you are great. For those of us who love our parrots, and provide proper vet care, proper diet and exercise, we have to accept the fact that they may out live us. We need to plan for that, as if it was a fact no matter our circumstances. I have heard too many times of someone passing or becoming ill and had nobody planned to take over the care of their angels.

First off I feel that it is very important to keep accurate detailed records on each of our birds. They should include all vet care visits, tests, illnesses, medications etc. Weight charts, and reasons behind gains or losses. They should also include your feeding schedule, liked and disliked foods, the types of pellets used/tried and prefered. Sleep schedules, training schedules, daily routines etc. If your parrot has been socialized with other parrots and their reactions. Favored toys and activities throughout the day. The list can and should be quite extensive as to give the next caregiver the best possible chance at helping ease your angel through the transition.

There are some sanctuaries  and rescues that offer a “Lifetime of Care” program. You provide for your parrot’s future care financially, and the organization provides them a permanent home. Should you choose this route, then you need to do your homework and know the organizations well. A facility that has a Board of Directors helps to ensure that the organization has the ability to carry on in the event of the death of any single person.

This list may help you to decide if the organization you are looking at is legitimate.

Avain Welfare Coalition

As with everything else in life, there are no guarantees but these things are some points that should be checked on prior to making a decision on placing your parrot there.

Here are a couple of places that I know have a Lifetime of Care program

Lifetime of Care by Project Perry

Best Friends Parrot Garden

I am sure there are many more places that offer this, these are just the two that I am familiar with.

Another option is to name a family member or friend. However you must consider that even then this may not be a permanent solution. How old is this person, will they be able to financially continue caring for your angels, what is their age and will your parrot most likely outlive them? If they are possibly going to have children in the future etc etc etc. There are so many things to consider. We have our daughter who wants to continue on with the care of our birds once we are unable to do so. She is now 22, hopefully we will live another 30 or 40 years. Where will she be at that time in her life? Just an example but what if we only live another 30 years, our daughter will be 52 years old. Will she have a career that takes up the majority of her day? Will she be financially able to care for our birds? Even if everything is perfect and she can take Ozzy, how long will she be able to care for him. In 30 years he will only be approx 35 years old. He could possibly live to be 80. So if my daughter lives to be 80, Ozzy may still need another home. As you can see we have given this a great deal of thought. Ozzy is like our child and so we are going to make every possible decision we can, to ensure that his care continues and by the right people.

Our personal choice is going to be that our daughter takes over Ozzy’s care once we are gone, unless she is unable to do so. We have set aside funds in our will to cover a “Lifetime Care” at our chosen sanctuary. We didnt not want to burden our daughter with no other choice but to take Ozzy. Caring for a Too is a huge commitment and not one that I would ever ask anyone else to do. Should she decide to continue caring for Ozzy, there is also funds set aside for just that. I know that now she wants to be the one to continue Ozzy’s care, I just wont allow her to be boxed in by that choice though. Living with any parrot is a commitment that does change ones lifestyle. I want my daughter to know she has choices and I fully support either choice that she makes. Ozzy will be well cared for no matter what decision she choses.

My closing thoughts are about socializing your bird. It is so very important to make sure that your parrot is socialized and is accepting of others so that one day (should the need arise) he/she will be accepting of others to help ease them through this difficult time. Parrots do mourn and miss those they love.


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