We have to Love ourselves

When we struggle with chronic illness, we tend to hide ourselves away and keep our pain quietly inside. I know because I have done this myself. We never expected our lives to become so full of pain and loneliness. We try hard to hide it all away. We give up and stop believing in hope. We see our futures as bleak and sadness. I wont even pretend to say that everything is going to be better, because chronic illness does not go away. However we can learn to accept it and even find happiness. We need to surround ourselves with positive people who truly care about us. We need to open up and be able to share with others the pain that we carry around. We have to stop putting on a fake smile and saying “I am fine”. We still matter and we need the world to know what we go through. We especially need to have those who are part of our lives to understand and be willing to listen when we need to talk and share.

We are here for a reason and our illnesses are a part of our journey in this life and I believe with my entire heart and soul that it is important to share and bond with others who also are hiding behind a mask. We have to live just one day at a time and stop looking to far into the future.

We have to LOVE ourselves enough to keep our life as positive as possible, share with others and show love to anyone who is also struggling. Feel patience and empathy for those who do not understand as they are missing out on our loving hearts.

The most important thing we must remind ourselves each day is that we are not alone. When times are really rough, we are being carried. The Lord wraps his wings around us and keeps us safe. Each of us is his child and masterpiece. We are not broken we are here for a reason. I give thanks everyday for my life and I pray when I am gone, I will be remembered as a loving person who shared kindness and faced my challenges with a smile and courage.