Houdini’s Journey

A beautiful 20+ Goffins Cockatoo. He has had a sad journey with heartbreak and fear. He was used as a breeding bird for years. When his owner became ill, she moved all of the birds to a basement. In this prison they were kept and only fed once a week by a hired person. He lived in that basement for several years, surviving on what little seed and water that was supplied. One week he and his mate spilled their water, sadly Houdini’s mate didn’t survive. However like his name suggests, Houdini managed to escape his cage, and broke into another cage to get water.

Houdini was finally surrendered to Best Friends Parrot Garden in 2009. His traumatic life has not left him with much trust in humans. He would literally freeze in terror when anyone would come close to his cage. For the first two years with Parrot Gardens, he would not interact with anyone. The folks at Parrot Gardens never gave up though. They constantly tried different people to work with him. A new intern Kaila, volunteered to begin working with Houdini. She began by just sitting and reading to him, speaking softly so he would get use to her voice. She sang to him and played music for him. Each new step was made with considerable patience and love. Everything was done at Houdini’s pace and comfort. Finally with all of her loving efforts, Houdini felt comfortable enough to step up for Kaila :). This was a huge accomplishment for a little Angel that was so terrified of humans.

Here is a link to Kaila’s Blog and her work with Houdini Hello World by Kaila Anne

Sadly Kaila’s internship has ended and Houdini is going to need someone else who will spend the time to help him with his continued journey. He needs someone who is going to be completely committed and understanding of his fears. Someone who will be able to give him the time and love required, to establish a bond of trust. The first 20 years of his life gave him no reason to trust humans, and yet he is still willing to try. This little Angel deserves to spend the rest of his life being loved for the precious little soul that he is. If you are experienced with Goffins and have the time and commitment to offer this precious boy, I encourage you to contact Jacqueline Johnson at Best Friends

You can also visit Best Friends Parrot Garden Facebook page

If you need any help getting in touch with Parrot Gardens, I am more than happy to help!

Progress for Houdini! Oh, Happy Day!! by Kaila Anne

Houdini is waiting for…

 Someone to Understand him

Someone to Love him

Someone to Trust

Are you that Special Someone?

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