Wings of Hope by Ray McLennan

With dreams on high above the ground
My heart does soar for freedoms wings
And every beat my freedoms grows
The breeze and wind and sun abound

Those who fly past and through my yard
My world so different from them I see
My existence has been troubled and hard
My whole world is this cage as I am not free

While my heart is with those above my house
I must stay in this room because of my voice
My owners would be happier if I was a mouse
This meek existence is not of my choice

Human’s masters chose my life and what it’s been
Days on end I do not see the keepers of my cage
While I pluck and pull my feathers and preen
My masters ignore my voice and all my rage.

I pray one day that this nightmare will be ended,
That my wings and voice will be heard and free
So that my existence will no longer be tended
When death allows, my heart and soul will be free

Ray McLennan © 2011-03-24

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