Quotes and Sayings

Align your focus with the Solution

And Still She Loves

Behind every Avian Rescue

Be the Kind of Person….

Everyone Can do Something!

For what they have lost

I am the Bridge

I am their voice!

I Have a Heart

Imagine a World

I Saw that you were Perfect….

I will not be Silenced!

Rainbow of Hope

Reno….Blah Blah Blah

Remember….You are Their World!

Look into my Eyes…..

Look into their Eyes

Silent Prayers

Some Say

The Love I Left Behind


When I look into the Eyes of an animal…..

When Too’s don’t get enough sleep

When You Allow Choice

Window to the Soul

You Can Easily Judge The Character of a Man…..

1 thought on “Quotes and Sayings

  1. A Poem

    Can the boy who’s stone it was
    That knocked and harmed so sweet a bird
    Can he be the sad same boy
    Who mends the wing
    And sets her free

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