Michelle Elle Birdie Recipes

I know we are all looking for new and healthy recipes for our Feathered ones. Michelle has agreed to allow me to share her recipes here in my blog. She comes up with some amazing dishes, that are both pleasing to look at, and healthy. I have tried many of them, and My Crew just loves them! Now she doesnt always have exact written recipes, she is amazing at throwing things together and coming up with some fantastic recipes. If you have any questions, I am sure she would love to help you though.

Here is her FB page A Parrots Pantry

Michelle also has her own site now The Happy Cockatoo Elle’s Avian Cuisine 

Links to Elle’s Recipes here in my Blog
Birdie Treats by Michelle Elle

Carrot Quinoa by Michelle Elle

Chop with Sprouts by Michelle Elle

Sprout Salad by Michelle Elle

2 thoughts on “Michelle Elle Birdie Recipes

  1. I would like to make these for my birds…look great! How long do you bake these & at what degree oven? Thank you!

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