Just a Bird

This was made for my friend Janet Howell, and all of her lovely Angels

5 thoughts on “Just a Bird

  1. That was wonderful….I have heard “it’s just a bird” many times and the last time I was upset because one of my birds died and someone said that to me I said ” if one of your children dies how would you like it if I said “It’s not that big of a deal it’s just your kid?” well that shut them up.

  2. it is so hard to watch these videos anymore. Animals being abused, tortured or worse just makes me so angry. I have 6 parrots all different, three dogs and several cats all rescues.We can’t afford big expensive aviaries but they get love fresh food and one on one interaction every day.

  3. Beautiful. It not only touches the heart but the soul connection that I have with my bird family. They are my joy in life. No one would say “it’s just a bird” without hearing a long lecture on unconditional love.

  4. Many times Just a Bird will bring you to your knees. It will make you cry with sorrow or joy.
    Just a bird can make you angry, or laugh out loud with laughter. The anger comes from those that say “Just a Bird” when it has been abused or neglected. Or when it has been left to die without food or water. the only time “Just a Bird” is acceptable is when “Just a Bird” is the only comfort from life’s disappointments. Then it’s “Just a Bird” that makes me soar beyond the world.

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