Find an Avian Vet in your Area

Regular Avian Checkups are so important for our Parrots. They can hide illness so well, and sadly you may not see the signs until it is too late. Click on the image below to find an Avian Vet in your area.
Association of Avian Veterinarians


American Board of Veterinary Practitioners

What is a Certified Avian Vet ? from

Please make contact with a good avian vet long before you actually need him or her. Don’t wait until your bird is ill to go shopping for a vet. This is not the time to waste time. Plus… established patients will always have preference, so become one with your vet before you may actually need one.


One thought on “Find an Avian Vet in your Area

  1. I just moved to the city of Aventura, Fl 33160.
    Although I know many vets, I need one closer for emergency. Thank you for your help. Gail Goode

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