The Awesome Task by Bob Kaegi

What is the awesome task? Is it simply something like being true to ourselves? Is it being the best we can be in our chosen fields of profession? Is it being our best with our families? I’d hope it’s all the above. I would hope the awesome task is included in all parts of our lives. For those of us who have chosen Rescue as a part of our lives I hope we have included that same thought to that task.

Many in rescue do the hard work. What is the hard work, you may ask. It’s the day to day working with the birds that have come to the rescues and sanctuaries looking for another chance at a happy life. Some have had good lives, but the majority has not. These are sometimes the ones, who may have for a short time had a good life, but the newness wore off and they were left to stay in cages 24/7 with the only contact of being fed and watered. For some, maybe that was every couple of days. You the rescue and sanctuary operator have the opportunity to fix what is broken. You do it all, you cook, you clean, and you play behaviorist, psychologist, physical therapist, and playmate. In the end you are the link to the outside world. You are the link to the forever home. The possibility for a bird to enjoy life again. You do all this work, and one day if you have done your job well, your charge will leave and break your heart. Because in Rescue that is THE AWESOME TASK….

For others, it’s the call for assistance to help the worst off of the bunch. It’s the ones who answer the call from a Humane Agent, or a Police officer. It’s the one where you go in and see birds living in absolute horror. You wear masks and protective clothing because the smell and filth is so bad you’re in tears, but the tears are hidden because your eyes are also burning from the stench. It’s hard to breathe, because your heart aches for those you came to rescue, but that too is masked again from the stench. You are the one who bridges the gap from bad to good. You get your hands dirty because you want to fight for them. You get them to the Veterinarians waiting on the other side in hopes of getting them to a breath of fresh air. You are there to give love, understanding, and a chance at a continued life in better surroundings. For some that may not work out, and as a group you may have to console one another for the loss of one who couldn’t be saved. You take that moment and are forced to move on to the next, and then the next. You heart will be full of joy and agony at the same time. Because in Rescue that is THE AWESOME TASK….

Others yet again who go visit a shelter to medicate, feed, water and clean, and give love scratches. They talk to those taken from horrible circumstances. They spend money for gas, drive many miles sometimes daily, weekly and so on to wear a name tag, all with the same name… Volunteer. Because in Rescue that is THE AWESOME TASK….

Others start groups and raise funds for those in need, they give time, money, products. They sometimes give to one, and sometimes give too many. Without them many would not be saved. They spend many hours online advocating for those who have less, and need more. It is with that dedication many are given the second chance, and sometimes third chances to live life in their forever home. Because in Rescue that is THE AWESOME TASK….
We are all part of the word Rescue. We operate differently, we all do different things, and many do it all. But we are all interdependent of one another. Working together helping to save what we all love and care so deeply about. At times we even have debates, and skirmishes, but in the end we do it to save a life, or make a life better. Because in Rescue that is THE AWESOME TASK.

Bob Kaegi

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