Understanding your Parrot

Parrots are very emotional and highly intelligent beings. No matter if you brought them home as a baby or adopted them at an older age. It is up to us as their caregivers, to do everything possible in learning to understand their individual personalities. I have spent my life with parrots, and have come to accept that no two are alike. While there may be certain characteristics that are similar in each species, how each one is raised and the baggage that they can carry is a huge determining factor on who they are. I say it over and over, there is no such thing as a “Bad Bird”! They just need to be understood and we need to look at the world through their eyes, in order to even come close in beginning to understand them. The links in this section will help you do just this!

“The Ebb and Flow of Love” by Flockcall

10 Things your parrot wants you to know about Behavior

A fun little quiz on Cockatiels 🙂

Abundance Weaning and Fledging by Wilhelm (Bill) Kiesselbach

Articles by Sam Foster

Bird Bites….They can and DO happen!

Bringing Home A Cockatoo, The Good, The Bad and The Loud by Lynda Lewis

Empathy and our successes by Kathy LaFollett from Flockcall

Height Dominance Written by Steve Martin President, Natural Encounters, Inc.

Keeping Parrots as Pets by the Avian Welfare Coalition

Knowing your Limitations in sharing your life with Parrots by Deborah FA

Life with a Cockatoo by Deborah FA

Pet Bird Noise 101 written by Lisa A. Bono for Bird Channel.com

Sex and the Psittacine from Ballance Behavior.com

Sex And The Psittacine by Shari Beaudoin


So you adopted a Cockatoo! by Deborah FA

 The Facts About Punishment

The True Nature of Parrots from the Avian Welfare Coalition

Time For You & Independence For Them…

Who’s the bad bird? from Flock Call

Why Would Anyone Want To Rescue A Parrot? by Anne Feldhacker

Your Language Highway

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