Domestically Raised Cockatoos by Barbara Bailey

Why do so many of the domestically raised cockatoos have such problems? In short, they do not know how to be birds. In many cases, they may not even realize they are birds. Why? The reason is because we really do not know how to raise these exotic creatures. This is not surprising given the limited knowledge we have about their lives in the wild. And unfortunately all to often the lessons we have learned from the wild have been ignored because of established avicultural protocols. A clear example is the fact that so many babies are raised in brightly lit glass aquariums when they are raised in dark cavities in the wild.
Domestically Raised Cockatoos by Barbara Bailey

1 thought on “Domestically Raised Cockatoos by Barbara Bailey

  1. My 11 yr old u2 has started plucking. She gets 5 showers a week n i Rotate her Toys and give her lots of attention n love. I’ve been ill lately. Trying to not change much for her so not sure that’s it. She acts like she itches. She eats zupreem natural. Also some veggies, fruits etc. also she loves walnuts n pecans. Any ideas? Help tks Gayla

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