A World full of Feathers

A world full of noise, feathers,
squawks, seed hulls on the floor,
“birdie gifts” in unwanted places.

A world full of fun, joy, cheerful sounds,
cages on the dining room table,
and meals with some odd companions.

Welcome to the wild, wonderful world of parrothood,
where worrying about a $15 budgie
is as common
as worrying about a sick child.

A world where you spend more time
cooking for parrots
than you do for yourself.

A world where you rent movie musicals
because your birds like them better
than action movies.

A world where you buy watch bands
by the dozen.

A world where you sleep on the couch
when you bring a new bird home
cause it might get scared during the night.

A world where, even though you can’t stand
the smell of dry beans cooking,
you cook them and gag anyhow
cause your birds really like them.

A world in which you have only
one egg left in the fridge,
so you scramble it
and share it with all the birds.

A world where a lovebird sitting
on the edge of your cereal bowl
is no big deal.

A world where you decorate
in green and white
for obvious reasons.

A world where you watch Barney
because your macaw likes it.

A world where cockatiels whistle the theme
from the Andy Griffith Show
with wild abandon and to the point
of driving you crazy.

A world where, every time
you leave the room
your African gray
asks you where you’re going.

It’s our world, and welcome to it.

~Author Unknown~

This was shared by my friend Tami German

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