A Feathered Cry

It all started when I came out of an egg.
No one showed me how to behave as a parrot “should”.

My first daddy wasn’t to nice to me
He said that I was “bad”.
He stopped loving me after that first bite.
He slammed me back into my cage,
took away all my toys,
I started to scream.
Then he hit me with a broom
and put a blanket over my cage.

So, here I am a bad little bird that bites.
I’m angry and I have this pain inside.
But, please don’t throw me away,

I can be good!

My next mommy yelled at me,
I said bad things back at her.
So now I say crude and rude things,
please don’t take me back to that place

I’ll try to be good.

I’m still just a baby,
and no one understands me.
Please show me what I’ve done that was so wrong.

My next mommy just HAD to have me.
She said that I was “ cool to look at”, she liked that I could talk.
But she doesn’t have time for me any more those few months went by fast.

Now I’m an ugly, bad bird, who plucks.
I am not much to look at as I used to be,
only if someone could tell me what I did that was so wrong.

I fell in love with my last daddy, he made me feel good inside!

But he died and left me,
So here I sit all alone.

This is a sad story but it is even more sad that is a true story in many bird’s lives.
Birds like this can easily be turned around with a lot of work and patience but most important a lot of love. All I’m asking is before you consider bringing a bird into your home remember that it is a life long commitment and that they are not something you can just throw away.

Elisabeth. K. Anstadt Founding Member of
Wings Over Williamsport Pet Bird Society.

6 thoughts on “A Feathered Cry

  1. Can’t bear to read these stories, they tear my heart to shreds……..So sad and I personally know that this goes on..stop breeding all these parrots for
    money, greed is the ruination of the world, and the innocent who have to suffer because of it………………..
    Jennifer Meisner

    • If you take out the dollars, I guarantee you that breeding would end…yet the breeders always claim it has nothing to do with the money hmmmm. Sure isnt because they love birds or they would not want to see these precious angels living in shelters.

      • Totally agree. Handraising is mass production. You increase the productivity to get more $$$ out of the breeding pair. It is not good for the parents, for the chick or for the buyer. In my consulting practice I find that handraised birds have by far more behavior issues than completely parent raised parrots!
        It really is all about the money. 😦

  2. why do people breed those beautiful birds ,Then when a bird turns mean because of neglect and being left alone all the time,they blame it on the bird.The mighty dollar .I have 3 now and would NEVER think about breeding any of them for the fact I dont want them to end up in a situation such as the story I just read about.
    So many unwanted bird’s out there that need homes and alot of them have horror stories behind them.But we can make them better birds y showing them the love they deserve and keep them out of the breeding trade for that almighty buck 🙂

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