For The Feathered Angels by Deborah FA

I just want everyone to understand that all of the links and information that I post, are the ones I have read, used and know that they work! The sanctuaries and rescues that I link, are those that I know to be 501c accredited and I have some sort of personal experience with. I am sure there are many wonderful facilities, however if have no personal knowledge of them and so I cannot fully support them until I do.

I have had parrots all of my life starting in my parents home as a young child. Parrots are not just a passing hobby for me. My parents and grandparents were amazing people that loved animals of all sorts. So whenever an animal needed a home or medical care, my family took them in. Due to this we had parrots being dropped off constantly. So I was very blessed to grow up with many many Feathered Angels. While my love of all animals continues, nothing ever captured my heart like the birds had. One look into those eyes, and you can just feel their empathy and love. They are truly amazing and I have loved them all of my life.

I will admit I had no clue as to the devastating rate of parrots being surrendered to sanctuaries and rescues until just the past few years. However now knowing what I do, I plan to share and help all I can for the Feathered Angels who cannot speak for themselves. I have 7 angels of my own, 6 Tiels and 1 Umbrella Cockatoo…all rescues. I cannot rescue them all, and I cannot support all of the wonderful rescues and sanctuaries financially (although I would love to) and so I am doing what I can to help spread the word. Until the Breeding mills are all shut down, the travesty that is happening to these magnificent creatures will not end. These angels were meant to fly and not be in cages. We humans have taken away their greatest gift…flight. If you look at the pictures of the plucked and mutilated angels, I dont see how anyone could ever argue that I am wrong. If you think those are few and far between, then you are sadly wrong. Then there are the ones who silently go insane, they loose all joy in life and are tossed aside when they cannot produce anymore. These magnificent creatures are highly intelligent and being caged without socialization and mental stimulation is a death sentence for them. While the ones already bred in captivity can never be returned to the wilds and survive, we can stop this cycle from continuing. Those of us who share our lives with these angels owe it to them!


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1 thought on “For The Feathered Angels by Deborah FA

  1. hi deborah – this is ellen schloss and i am glad i found your site, as i have missed your posts on facebook.

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