The Rescues and Sanctuary’s are full!!! by Deborah FA

We can debate the numbers, we can debate the reasons, we can debate who is responsible all day long. However it doesn’t change the simple fact that the Rescues are full and growing more full everyday. Whatever the numbers are, the plain and simple truth is that there are obviously far too many unwanted parrots in this nation. If this were not true, then there would not be a need for the hundreds of rescues ,shelters and sanctuary’s across the U.S. The growing population of unwanted parrots is devastating. These magnificent creatures are being mass-produced and sold to an uneducated population, that cannot understand or provide for their needs properly. It takes a lot of dedication, time, energy, patience and love to even come close to sharing your life with a parrot. We live in a disposable society and frankly most people would never be willing to make the sacrifices in order to provide a home that is nurturing enough to accommodate a parrot. People are impulse shopping and not being educated  about the care involved for a parrot. If people had to take an educational class, spend time in a rescue, and see all the destruction that one parrot can cause in a home and to a person, I highly doubt most of them would ever consider purchasing a parrot.

For those of you who love your parrots and have adopted and rescued, you all know and understand the sacrifices that you have made in order to try and make your parrots life a happy one. You know first hand the torture that these magnificent creatures have gone through. You have seen the abuse and neglect brought on by people who were uneducated, uncaring and sometimes just plain cruel. We have seen the scars that these angels carry, sometimes on the outside and always on the inside. We have tried to nurture and love them, in hopes that they will feel human love and not be afraid any longer. We have cried and prayed for these angels. We have seen in their eyes all the pain they have been through and know how many more of their species is suffering everyday in back rooms, closets, garages and sheds. Rather we have personally adopted these birds, worked with them in rescues, or seen the pictures on the internet, we know that the abuse is ever prevalent.

So no matter the debate, no matter what the numbers are. There is one fact that cannot be argued with, and that is the simple truth that there are too many parrots being born everyday and being sold to an uneducated public. Those of us who love these beautiful beings are the ones that must stand up and make a difference for them. There are two simple things that must be done in order to make a change. Education and stopping the mass production. If there were laws governing both of these things, the numbers of unwanted parrots would drop. Take action and help to make a difference in their lives. Avian Welfare Coalition Take Action

As I look at my own precious angels, I shudder to think of where their parents are living. Are they in some horrible wire cage with no toys, sunshine, or proper medical care. Are they living their lives only to reproduce and be tossed out when they can no longer do so. Are they sitting there quietly mutilating themselves and going insane from lack of mental and physical stimulation. Are they just waiting for the good lord to take them from this hell they have been born or captured into. All of this makes my heart just ache. We cannot rescue them all. We cannot support all of the rescues financially. However WE can and should do everything possible to help make a difference by being proactive and helping to  influence and support responsible legislation that will expand legal protection for captive parrots and other birds! We can  help to support and promote educational avian programs and causes. We can report any neglect and abuse by persons or pet stores. We can distribute flyers & fact sheets to help spread the word about avian welfare issues in your community. Above all else we should work together for the sake of our Feathered Companions that we treasure.

We are their only Voice, We are their only Hope!


Copyright © 2011 Deborah FeatheredAngels
All rights reserved
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2 thoughts on “The Rescues and Sanctuary’s are full!!! by Deborah FA

  1. Well said Deborah,

    I wonder just how many rescues there really are in America. The true numbers may be hidden in the thousands of people who have taken in one, three or ten parrots in need.

    Keep up the good work,

  2. I agree wholeheartedly! Very well said.

    I too have volunteered at rescues and adopted half (3) of my flock of 6 from there. I have seen the sadness and the scared creatures when they arrive from bad uneducated people/homes. The other 3 were given to me by uneducated bird owners doing the right thing by the birds before it became a bad situation. The latter does not happen that often though.


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